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800+ HP in an STi?!??!

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ya the only reason for 800hp on the street would be so u could pull up along

side some one and say seeya sucka and then my luck get a ticket two seconds later but it would be fun dyno crap is just for braging rights im all for it


imagine that thing on the autobahn haula@# man that would be awsome they sould make one in the states ill aprove of tax dollars being spent on that

i mean think of all the jobs it would create and when it was finished it would be a good population controller

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so i know the last post was a month ago but! im pretty sure at :25 in the video i heard the turbo rip a hole in the space time continuum!! :eek:lol


on a serious note. neat car but that is about it, i'd rather take that money and own 1 05 STI and about 1.5 million old subys!! :banana:

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