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Off-Roading the Hatch Video

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We (my wife and I) went out to a spot about 10 miles west of Scappoose on Scappoose Vernonia highway. Some of the trails are gated, but a lot of them aren't. :D They all kind of inter-connect and whatnot, except for the inevitable "hey, this doesn't go anywhere..." Here's a link to some more stills of the area: http://web.pdx.edu/~whirl/.


We used Adobe Premiere to edit this video along with Photoshop for the stills. We'll have a longer video available after we get more footage.


Catch ya later,


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Sweet, thats the package i used to do mine. Just did a complete re-install of the software onto a new hard drive, but been too lazy to connect my capture card.


Cant wait to see the full length.



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