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Ok...I know my older Subarus like the back of my hand, but when it comes to electronic cramp on my Imprezas, I get lost ....FAST!.


Here's what's happening:

I start the car and the cooling fans come on and them off and then on and then off. They run for about 30 sec then off 15 sec. )+ or - a few seconds. It is not related to the AC system. Compressor and AC are off during this time. Additionally, the car acts like it needs choked more. You can give it gas or it stalls. After it idles and warms up a bit, the fans don't cycle and it's fine. (Well they turn on when they are suppose to.)


Could this be a temp sensor? It mistakenly senses the engine is warm and is turning on the fans and leaning the mixture? (In error, as the engine is cold)


Any thoughts?




95 Impreza L 2.2 AWD automatic

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Yeah, I'd probably be leaning towards a coolant temp sensor.


Do you have any engine codes stored? May want to stop by a local autozone or some place, have them pull the codes just to see.


I'd probably just replace the coolant temp sensor anyway. They're not much. I think I got mine for like $20 from http://www.libertysubaru.com

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