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Spider EA82T idling fast

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Hi guys, having a little trouble with the XT...


Doesnt fast idle when its cold, fast idles (1300) when its hot(normal temp)

Also, uses WAY TOO MUCH FUEL for an EA82T (22MPG on trip)


Already checked for vacuum leaks


So... I reckon it could be 1 of 2 things :

  • IAC valve (not the black shutter one on the RX type EA82's)

  • Coolant temp sensor



What do you's reckon...had similar dramas?


any help greatly appreciated :)

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CTS - clean it or replace. make sure if you replace it to clean the engine side wiring that attaches to it - since that's usually the problem anyway, a bad connection.


not sure how the idle control set up is on your EA82T but if it's an actual IAC valve, then remove it and clean it. blow them out with brake cleaner until all the black stuff is gone and the cleaner comes out clear.

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My '88 GL-10 EA82T has a coolant/electric heated bimetallic vane to control idle air flow. Maybe your XT doesn't have that by the sound of your post? On mine the ECU doesn't control idle speed so much. I believe it does control timing to keep the ending from dying.


If yours is like mine, maybe it's not plugged in. I believe it gets 12V all the time the engine is running.


Oh and 22MPG sounds about right for an EA82T... I get a bit better than that sometimes but my last fillup I got about 18MPG from around town driving.

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