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Fuel tank mystery?

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'86 GL carb 4x4 auto. What exactly is attached to the fuel line that disappears into the fuel tank to feed the pump? Is there a screen hooked to the line or what? I fear whatever it is it's clogged on my GL. The car sat 8 years. The fuel pump doesn't run either unless I am actuating the starter. With the key turned to 'on' the pump doesn't run. Even when it does run while cranking the engine, it gets no fuel out of the tank. Help?

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the pump only running while coil is firing is normal for a carb'd car


It's not that simple. It runs for a specified time interval when you switch it to on as well. It primes for about 1.5 seconds. Then it turns off till it see's a tach signal. There's a fuel pump control unit that's responsible for that unless it's a feedback carb.


Disconnect the line and power the pump externally to verify operation and fuel flow.



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