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Rockauto parts of 92 Loyale

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I received an e-mail from Rockauto with close out prices:



Brake/Wheel Hub

BECK/ARNLEY Brake Pad - Front $8.49

BECK/ARNLEY Brake Shoe $8.27

BECK/ARNLEY Caliper $37.79

RAYBESTOS Caliper Repair Kit $1.71

BECK/ARNLEY Disc Brake Hardware Kit $9.74

BECK/ARNLEY Drum $60.79

BECK/ARNLEY Drum Brake Hardware Kit $8.58

BECK/ARNLEY Hydraulic Hose $6.78

BECK/ARNLEY Master Cylinder $75.79

BECK/ARNLEY Rotor - Front $24.79

DORMAN Wheel Cylinder $6.70

BECK/ARNLEY Wheel Cylinder $11.80

RAYBESTOS Wheel Cylinder $6.46

TIMKEN Wheel Oil Seal $2.78

BECK/ARNLEY Wheel Oil Seal $1.74

Cooling System

BECK/ARNLEY Thermostat $3.10

BECK/ARNLEY Water Pump $26.79

BECK/ARNLEY Water Pump Gasket $0.53


BECK/ARNLEY CV Joint Boot $5.08

Electrical-Switch & Relay

BECK/ARNLEY Oil Pressure Switch $3.06


BECK/ARNLEY Oxygen Sensor $21.99


BECK/ARNLEY Cylinder Head Gasket Set $55.79

BECK/ARNLEY Intake Manifold Gasket $1.40

FRAM Oil Filter $3.56

BECK/ARNLEY Oil Pan Gasket $2.85

BECK/ARNLEY Valve Cover Gasket Set $3.59


FRAM Air Filter $4.38

BECK/ARNLEY Air Filter $3.33

FRAM Fuel Filter $8.30


BECK/ARNLEY Distributor Cap $4.52

BOSCH Distributor Cap $3.85

BOSCH Distributor Rotor $2.46

ACDELCO Spark Plug $1.12

BECK/ARNLEY Spark Plug Wire Set $10.78


BECK/ARNLEY Tie Rod End $16.75


GABRIEL PRIVATE LABEL Strut Assembly $39.79


FRAM Filter Kit $5.77

Wiper & Washer

ACDELCO Wiper Blade $4.19

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