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Hey - mostly this is aimed at Adam and Mudrat, I just have a quick question about the huge lifts with separate transfer cases...


How do you mount the engine? Do you just put lifting blocks underneath the engine mounts as well or is it more complicated?


Also, how do you get around the increasing of length of steering arm without welding?


BTW - Great work on the Rubicon, we even know that trail over here in Oz as being severely hardcore!!!

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Motor and tranny stay in the same spot. they are not drop nor are they lifted with blocks.


You have no other choice but to do welding on a prodject like this

the steering shaft well need to be lenghtend


same goes for the shifter and the hi/lo shifter, they all needs to be lengthend




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on a nissan/samurai t-case lift, the engine stays in the same place relative to the body, sitting on a crossmember bolted into the body, with lift blocks under the crossmember, going down to a second crossmember which actually carries the suspension arms and diff. In the back its just big lift blocks. I don't see a way to do the steering arm without welding unless you've got machining skills, but since the motor/tranny isn't dropped with the t-case type lift, you dont have to weld the shifters. Check out the wcss5 pics of the unhatched? and adamndj's brat in the image gallery for visuals.

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I made up another crossmember that lifts the engine back up, this is welded to the stock crossmembers lift blocks. There really isn't a way to extend the steering without welding, unless you came up with something that involved another U-joint and another shaft maybe, I dunno.



You can see the exhaust goes between the two crossmembers, this is really good cause it keeps the exhaust tucked up outa the way. Second one has more light, better angle. You can see the bar that is the engine crossmember.



Hope this helps.


edit: Gallery Link

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