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Good times headgaskets leaking 2004 suabru legacy!

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Well good times here today, I was at my mechanic's for my normal oil and filter change and check over, and he noted that my headgaskets are actaully starting to leak oil on the driver's side, its odd to because lately I have been smelling burnt antifreeze and it comes and go, but smell very noticeble. So needless to say I went to my local subaru dealer and indeed I need to do headgaskets, they are doing both sides, the funny thing is to at my tune up the conditioner was added in, and its so obvious it didnt work because there is some antifreeze mixing in with the oil to that was found and thats what the antifreeze burning smell to so its very interesting, the amazing part, 2004 subaru leagcy here 38k, so its all covered and my rental is covered to, I had purchased a extened warranty to, good thing, of course I did it to as a security blanket to.

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Yuor the first i am to hear of this in a 2004. It may be possible that yours is just a fluke (build enough of anything and one or two are bound to be bad).


i would suspect the conditioner had nothing to do with it, as you have a 10-80 psi source leaking into a 14 psi liquid.


It's nice to hear that your getting taken care of.





PS. Get an oil change done too.

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nip - with oil and antifreeze mixing probably should have the radiator flushed right?


there's been other reports (on here i believe) by people seeing post 2003 head gasket failures. they made a point to blur our previous suggestions of 2002/2003 "end date". i imagine the 2.5 may have higher failure rates than subaru's of the past. still small, but higher than in the past where it was nearly zero.

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