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Newby here with lots of questions

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Newby with a lot of questions

Hi kids!

Like the topic said, newby here. I lurked here for a very long time before I joined. [er...um...at least an hour ] I have tons of questions. Have done some searches for a few already and have gotten some ideas. This is a great resource for me.


BTW The wife and I own a production date of 1-7-85 GL Hatchback 4x4. Parts are all 84. We bought it brand new. We love this little car. It has 272,000 miles. I pulled the engine stripped it and a friend rebuilt it at 220,000 miles. IT looks resonably good but is showing its age.


I will do some more searches before I start showing my ignorance with stupid questions.


I posted this message over at the older gen bord also.

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