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I turned a 83 gl into a pancake.

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My 83 gl offroad toy gave its last breath today.The car stalled at an intersection and wouldnt fire again,even after attemtping to start it for 3 traffic light cycles.So I removed the lights and anything else of value in it.I pulled it to a salvage yard and got 128.05 for it. The car was showing 230K on the clock.Most of the body was gone because of rust. The interior was stripped/ruined.even still the car weighed 1978lbs with no tires.Most everything on the car was shot. insteresting considering that I was looking for a replacement for it anyway...There wasnt a straight panel on that car. The car was hunter green with enough rust that it might have been camo.interestingly $130 is the total amount I had into the car itself.100 for the car and 30 for a new water pump..



for some reason it didnt quite sound like a beer can crumpling even though thats prctially what it was made of...


now im off to find a newer/ better legacy for 3-500...






what it used to look like:http://s109.photobucket.com/albums/n45/Uberoo/Subaru%20stuff/


RIP beat to hell 83 gl.

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