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SPFI EA81 -- in an EA82 car that's already SPFI

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There's lots of threads of the SPFI swap for the EA81 -- but I'm thinking of doing it differently than most people who put SPFI on an old EA81 car... the '89GL just lost something in the passenger valve head and is running on three cylinders now... still runs pretty good, but still not much power any more. I have a perfectly good engine from a '83 GL wagon that I pulled this spring -- sitting in the yard now. I'm thinking of putting it in the '89. No more timing belts or TOD :) Yeah, I know it'll probably be a little less power, but that's okay with me.


It seems like when I'm doing the swap this direction, it should be alot simpler than putting SPFI on an EA81 car... All that should be required is pulling the intake manifold from the EA82, and the distributor (with the drive gear change), and installing them on the EA81 longblock when I drop it in?? Am I missing anything??


http://home.comcast.net/~trilinear/EA81_SPFI.html is the guide that I'm reading.





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You may have to remove the EA81 head spacers on the exhaust ports to bolt up to the EA82 y-pipe.


And you'll have to do all the mods I list required to fit the manifold to the EA81 and clear the distributor - turning the IAC over, etc.


The lower radiator hose will be.... special. Don't know what you'll have to do but it shouldn't be hard to figure something out.


And the pitching stopper may need modification/customization, ect.


But pretty much that's it. Should just drop right in.



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