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brus brother

08 Outback intermittent start issue

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2008 Outback automatic.

Occasionally, in the AM after the car has sat overnight, I turn the key and nothing happens. Instrument panel is lit but car doesn't start.

The car is in park in a level garage. All I have to do is push the automatic shifter the slightest bit forward and the car will then start.

I brought it to the dealer checked the shifter and said that the "hole" was lined up and they were at a loss.

It was suggested I leave the car overnight.

Aside from inconveniencing me, I'm not sure what this will prove. Once they try to start the car and IF it happens to occur and verify my solution of pushing the selector forward, what will this prove?

Any thoughts?

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Neutral Saftey Switch is out of wack (in subaru speak the inhibitor switch). Next time it happens put the car in neutral, i am sure it will start. This is something simple. I dont know if its a bad swithc or it can be adjusted. The request the dealership made is reasonable.



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