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Some 4wding after a BBQ I had at my place

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Had a bit of a forum meet up at my place. Went for a drive after lunch and found some of the back roads were quite interesting with the weather we've been having.

A guy on my forum, 32ford, brought down his Brumby and we found some challenging stuff for it being in stock form.




This spot it got a little stuck, but some rocks and pushing got it too the top. The 4runner in the first picture (you might of read my thread in non-subaru section about it) has twin lockers, twin low range, 35x12.5 MTZ's, and a turbo diesel. It got stuck going through the same stuff and had to back down a bit and take another bite. So all in all the Subie done very well considering how the road was.


Hey, this was my 200th thread subscription! Hows that?!

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