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adding a power seat to a Baja

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This is my write up that I did to my personal vehicle...enjoy!


1. remove seat from baja

2. set seat on ground (put a balnket down it is easier)

3. take all plastic parts off of both seats. Be careful not to break tabs etc.

4. remove hog rings with pliers

5. unclip bottem cushion from seat frame/bucket (buckets are not interchaingable so forget that idea)

6. remove seatbelt from baja seat (you will need this again)

7. on the side of the baja seat with the single screw at the pivot point remove it (mine was tough to do so I slotted it and used a big screwdriver)

8. on the baja seat remove the netting one the back of the seat (this is a panel that has clips that go up and down. to remove this you need to buckle it in the middle and it pops out. It is kinda diffucult but it will come out)

9. the side where you didn't remove the screw from you need to gently remove the seat cover (this is for the upper part of the seat) and remove the seat back bolts that are about 2-4 inches up the side of it. There are 2 bolts here

10. all while you are doing this do the same stuff to the power seat and as you are doing this you will see the differences of what you need to keep and what needs to be swapped.

11. reassemble the seat and when you get to the hog ring stage I used some well placed wire ties.


Things to note:

1. this is not easy. It will take you easily 5 hrs (maybe less since I am telling you how to do this)

2. I had my baja off the road for 3 days trying to figure this out...have another car to drive incase of issues

3. on the bottem cushion one side (out of 4) will not attach to the frame the regular way. There have been no ill effects to this so far.

4. I am writing this up as if you are using a doaner seat from a baja with power seat or one form a Legacy OB (00-04) be sure you get a doaner seat that is dark in color cause you will need some plastic parts for the new set up (don't get a beige seat) :lol:

5. on my 06 baja where the electrical connector is for the seatbelt there was an unused plug there...guess what it is for the power seat!

6. do not screw with the spring for the seat recliner you do not have to do anything with it and could get hurt if you try to remove it.

7. the fabric will not cover the motors but you can't see it anyhow.

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