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New member and new Subaru owner :-)

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Hi everybody, I became a proud Subaru owner 2 weeks ago.




I bought a Subaru Legacy Outback 2,5 GX automatic from 1999 (the new model) With only 108.000 km and no rust what so ever in it. The previously owner had the motor changed in February 2008. The previous owner, a lady from Argentina, forgot to put oil on the engine. :eek: She thinks the new engine is from the year 2000, and has 80.000 km on it, but has no proof of that.


There was a lot of problems with the electrical system, because some foul had mounted and then dismounted an alarm system. But after 3 days of hard work in my garage, that was all fixed. And it now runs just perfectly. And all electrical parts working just fine.


I also changed the 4 tires, they were a bit old, not worn down though.


I'm now doing a full service on the car, but that has giving me some problems. And here you guys come in, my problem is, that I'm not sure of what year the engine actually is, but on the front there is a number like this: EJ251NJDAB-OEC427009TD10.


Hope somebody has a list of some kind, that can clarify what model/year my engine actually is. :banana:


Here are all the data on the car:

Vin no: JF1BH9LRAXG012481

Applied model: BH9ALBR

Option code: QV

Trim code: 010

OLD Engine code: EJ251NXAVB

Color code: 8K4

Transmission type: TZ1A4ZFABA


Greetings from Per in Spain.

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People share their videos and pics from all over the world and great to see your pics!


Sorry I don't have any information to share regarding your questions (engine year, specs) but hopefully someone will dig for the answer.


Good to hear you bonded with your new wagon (long nights alone... you... the car... some wine.... ) :-p Maybe your wife be jealous a bit!


Possibly post your question in the "newer" car section? or check with local dealer for code identification help.


Good luck.

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