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'82 Brat: Solid Axle Build *** DONE! :) ***

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screw it mick, if your doin all that. Small Block It


But why waste a freshly built engine with only 5k miles on it....?

For the amount of wheeling I do, and the terrain, this should work nicely...

Now if I wanted to go to monster sized tires, then yeah, other stuff would have to be done :)


My friend Chris who's the brains behind this build figures it should end up at (weight wise) about the same percentage of Toyota weight, as Toyota owns of Subaru, so it's all good :)

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when this motor gives it up, that'll be next.... (ej22)


I'm gonna SPFI this motor first though..... But not until next summer....

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Hmm. yeah. since the engine is back in it's normal place now, I have to take the 2 .5" carb spacers off, and take off the intake spacer as well...

this set-up worked good, as it kept the air filter behind the rad, but out of the way of the mud/water....


plus it has the lovely aesthetics of the neon orange duct tape...

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yes. the 2 bottom long parallel bars (hard to see the other) actually are sliding in place right now, as they will be tacked in when the t-case gets mounted, then pieces put in to the frame rails too...


there'll also be some door protector pieces that come out a little bit too from the rocker bars.


I need to get over to the shop and get more Pics. Chris (BlueJeep on the board) has the rear susp all done and tacked in, and has the t-case clocked into position.... I think the t-case is gonna end up only hanging below the new frame rails by 2.5" or so.

Roll bar main hoop is in too....


All props for the good work need to go to my friend Chris who's the design/fab wizard....


I got my tires cheap, and am looking for some wheels now, and trying to decide what to do for a gas tank/fuel cell...

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more pics...


Approximate tire placement axle will be a little higher.



new main roll bar hoop



trimmed up trans cross member



rear links






roll bar tied into the subframe




side view of links



slightly larger opening for tcase. new floor will cover...



front view


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love it......i wish i would have a had a designer/fabricator,my build would have gotten done:lol:(not making fun)just sayin............its nice when you have someone that knows what they are doing.cheers, brian

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Yeeehheeeheeeheee! Awesome Mick. That's some serious progress. My build feels pretty insignifigant. :)


'If you're gonna do it, do it well."


Chris has built lots of rigs, and looks at all facets of the build, looking towards maintenance items and everything....


I've been talking with Chris about this for like 3 years now. removing everything from the bottom, kinda created a clean slate for him to work with....

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With the frame your makin on that thing, you'll be able to take it down to Knoxville for the Knoxville Nationals, that thing will be stout like a sprint car. I like the Roll bar conected right to the sub frame!



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WooHoo. more pics....


New Exhaust Stack Baby!!!




New Engine Crossmember



Time for a new front frame rail to support the Toyota steering box.



The oil pan will need notched to clear the tie rod.



More shots of the 4-link rear, with more welding done...




3 Link front, upper link



New Wheel Spacers



T-case is mounted now...







Test Fitting with a Q78-15 Superswamper (35.5" diameter)







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