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Help with turbo ea82 questions


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Hi Gang

I have a blown turbo 88 Ea82.

If i use a non turbo MPFI Ea82 and have the head tapped for the turbo oil line and change the water pump etc, will the increased compression of the MPFI be a hinderance for the car. ( 9 .5 compaired to 8.5) Its not a car im going to be using for hooning.

Its a XT 4wd .

Is there anything i should know i havent allowed for.

Thanks Pete

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Not sure,but aleast you deserve a bump to the top.

There are some old threads, if you keep searching for high compression ea82t,or similar phrases, you should find some info.

and really keep digging, there are some people that have done this and raced them. ive seen several vw, blow thru set ups running 5-7 9:1

psi ,with no problems.

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I would agree with GD that once you're in it that far, an EJ22 conversion is probably not much more expensive and will result in way more car.


However, if you're into running a high-compression turbo engine, it has been done by several board members with varying degrees of success. I've read most of the discussions on the topic, and it seems that if you ran an intercooler and kept the boost levels stock (maybe even turn it down a hair with a controller), it would run reliably for a while. Another good bit of insurance would be to install a new 2 row radiator if it doesn't already have one. You will run into trouble if you crank up the boost and/or otherwise hot rod it, as many people have found out.

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Thanks Gang

I m not up to putting a ej22 in yet $ pending.

Im not wanting to up boost or hotrodding the car.

At the momment i just want to find reasonable fix for cooked motor.

So i was going to use a MPFI and add on the outer bits, retapp oil feed etc.

Cheers Pete

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