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1980 Hitachi Carb Question

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Hey All,


I normally post in the historic forum, but I'm guessing the knowledge for this question is over here. I have an NOS Hitachi Carb (DCP306-3) that was standard equipment on the 1980 wagon with automatic transmission. I want to stick it on my '79 brat, because its current Hitachi carb seems to be in bad shape. In comparing the two carbs tonight, there's a couple of nipples that are in different locations, and I'm just trying to figure out what they connect to. So anybody out there with this carb or similar, can you take a look at the pictures and run out to your car to let me know where these lines hook up? I am hoping that they both hook up to the big triangular thing on the front of the manifold. But I gotta know for sure.


The first nipple (first picture) is directly above the idle screw. What's it connect to?


The second nipple is in the rear of the carb (second pic). It is righ next to those three servo diaphrams and seems to be the only other line connection back there. Does anyone know where this one goes?


Any help, diagrams, pics, copies of manual pages, whatever would be greatly appreciated. Thank much, Crabman




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