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Walker Valley Run 11/15/08

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We're Looking to make a another run up to Walker Valley on this coming Saturday, the 15th.


Meeting place; (GI) Joes In Mount Vernon, Exit 227 just to the East off College Way, @ just after 9:00 AM


So far it looks like me, Chad, Jared, Rick, Mike and that is all I can think of right now.


Chads car


My car


Ricks Car


Jareds car


Mikes car (Red Hatch)




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Cool I will be there , hey where did you get chads car??


He got it from Will. Will decided to go another direction. It is a super Secret project though!!



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Sheoot!...Still can't go guys. :banghead:

Had the forum been up sooner, I could'a taken the time off work. Oh well, there's always next month, and I'm still tuning the new/old weber. Need anything from hardware sales yet, Jeff!? :brow:

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Next time Eric, I'll make sure there is a spot for ya too.


Rob are you still coming? I'll try and give you a call here in a few min.


Jodi and Jared are out, Jared just and his g/f just had a baby on Wednesday....So That's good enough reason not to go.;)


Mike says he's in....again, so There should be a few of us




Ps Chad and I went and had a little warm up for Walker tonight, but It was short lived







It was muddy.....

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