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Legacy project; FrankenSoob *PICS*

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As you may have noticed, I am somewhat a Noob to Soobs. Regardless, I live with two VERY experienced Subaru owners. I inherited this car from my mother, an 89 GL Wagon with some pretty serious cancer. Mom named her Brunhilda.


Her interior:


The next project for me... Because I am sure I will have to do most of the work (with guidance of course) since it is going to be my car, (and I don't really mind either) is my FrankenSoob. We have 3 Legacy Sedans. two 1990's and one '91. The going verdict is to Make one car from three out of the 91. The '91 was originally bought as a parts car for Madkow007's Legacy. It ran and drove from Illinois to Wisconsin. Mom and Madkow007 has since been borrowing parts for their Legacy's, (mom's is a wagon).


STATS: 1991 Subaru Legacy LS, 2WD AT, Not running



So far all it needs is:

-put the interior back together

-Fuel rails/ Injectors (as seen in Madkow's earlier post)

-Rt front A-arm (Axle)



-Possible rear brakes need work then of course the standard oil, belts etc. I can then do some cosmetic work once summer rolls around.


LEGACY A STATS:1990 Legacy, AT, AWD, Running, driving, Shifting hesitation above 35 MPH* (Contains Front Clip parts from Leg. B)



*Owner siad that an 'o' ring is missing from transmission, will NOT accelerate above 35, tranny slips


LEGACY B STATS: 1990* Legacy L, 5spd M, AWD, Parts Car ONLY





*Owner claimed 1990, Tag on body says MFG 89. There was no paper for this one.


I prefer a manual transmission. Is it possible to take the Manual from Legacy B and swap it into the 91 2WD AT? (If it is in good working order that is.) Although I can deal with an AT. Is it Possible to just make the AT into AWD from 2WD? what would I have to do? Any thoughts and tips will be welcome!


Thanks, Koralli

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Check out Legacy777's web site, it's chock full of useful information. He did a FWD auto to AWD manual swap and did a full writeup on the process. It's a lot of work, as you have to change tranny, install rear diff and mountings, change the gas tank, install the MT pedal box, and other stuff, but it's pretty straightforward. I used it as a guide when going from AWD auto to AWD manual this summer and it was very helpful.

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I will check it out thanks, but the main question is Can I convert (if the Manual is no good) the 2WD AT into an AWD at, by switching out the rear ends of the tranny's? Im probably getting the terminology wrong but Mom searched for anything telling us if its possible to keep the transmission it has but convert it to a AWD?

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