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Loyale project destruction!

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Greetings, the following is a graphic tale told by my former 1993 Loyale wagon. I have been removing all parts I wanted/needed to swap into my lovely new 1989 GL wagon!


I picked up this 93 Loyale on a trade from my buddy for a rusted to hell Toyota pickup I owned at the time. I had rescued the truck from the woods on somebodys property, fixed it, gave it back to them, they drove it for awhile and then it needed lots of work so they gave it back to me.


This is how it was being driven, no interior whatsoever, gauges zip tied to a custom piece of bent tubing.


A friend of a friend was heavily into Toyota trucks, and one day while joking with each other they had the idea that I would want to trade the Truck for his Subaru. The truck needed all new brakes and it was just sitting in the road not able to be driven so I said what the heck! This Loyale wagon was pretty rusty, and its brakes too were soft but at a point during the pedal travel they would stop the car cold. Deal done


Not quite sure what to do with my first EVER car, I immediately transfered the title, insured and plated it and so began my Subaru love. Damn this thing is fun, 5spd with push button 4X4 that worked! I couldn't wait tilll winter.


I couldn't drive it with the way it looked, so semi flat black was painted over the green, rust holes were patched with fiberglass, and I tried cleaning it up a bit and try to prevent further rust....but no....it was ungodly rusted. The whole rear end fell apart as I tried to remove the rear bumper, a huge pile of rust on the ground as I beat it to oblivion. So no rear bumper, kind of looks clean and maybe it could use a roll pan or something.


Months go by and instead of blabbing on and on, here is what happend recently. The brakes were failing rapidly, and one night I decided to rally a dirt road at night with a friend. Him in his jeep, me in the Loyale. Only the right front brake on the car was working, and I told people I was going to crash the car....to shorten up the story I came into a corner that looked tight and got on the "brake" too much, pulled the car into the bank and flipped it on its roof, I am hanging from the seatbelts.....ohh my. Completely unhurt, and not really an unexpected event in a really sh1tty car I hardly cared, but wanted to get the car on its wheels real quick. The jeep pulled the car over with no effort. After cranking for a little bit it fired right up, windshield spidered to hell because I think my recovery shackled hit it during the roll. I gave up driving it, and purchased this beauty just one week ago.subaru19.jpg

This will hopefully house a lift kit, 15" pugs, some kind of all terrain tire 27" or so.

Over the last week I worked on trearing the old car completely apart in a TINY GARAGE!:::::::



The windshield wasn't that bad after the roll, I beat it while I was tearing parts out of it. The front end came out first, followed by the rear. Having a tiny garage made it very difficult. I had the car in precarious situations at times, shoving whatever I had to keep it off the ground to remove the drivetrain. Of course I had jackstands but I also used tires/wheels from my truck, my floor jack and some other crap. Today I had everything removed and had to get the car to the floor. Floor jack, hi lift jack, pushing, pulling....finally I gave up and winched it with my truck until it just fell off of everythingsubaru22.jpg

Then the removal from garage! How the hell am I going to get this out of the garage, 2 pieces sounds like a good idea, one piece at a time on the tow dolly. I better use sawzall so I don't ignite the fuel spill! subaru28.jpg

Cut in roof


Cut in floor!



The rear end winched out of the garage and onto the dolly, FINALLY!


I will keep posting if my project dreams come true, I need to find pugs, lift kit, get some motivation do some brake work and drivetrain work and....! It will be awesome..

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WHOA! That is quite the story. Well I certainly hope that your GL doesn't give you as many problems. That poor Loyale sounded like it had had the snot beat out of it on many occasions and was just waiting to die.:(


I wish you the best on your upcoming project and for all intensive purposes, I hope that your dream becomes a reality.



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