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Few weekends of fun.

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Few weeks ago we started a run of wheeling.


First went out around Hood River. It was sloppy.

The first spot we got to to play at I managed to blow a brake line.

And SC got kinda sideways coming down a hill. It was nasty, you could hardly walk without falling on your butt and sliding down the hill. (I know it happend to me)

But amazingly the Soobs were still climbing it like it was all tractiony.

I'm amazed at how my cheap street tires do in the slop. Not as good as real mud tires but all that shopping for tread pattern payed off.

So after fixing my line with vice grips and topping up the fluid.

And getting his hatch out of it's "just about to land on it's lid" situation.

we continued on for a fun day of wheeling. Only thing that sucked was driving home at night over Mt.Hood and it started trying to snow. With less than perfect brakes. But all part of wheeling. :)



If he would have slid another foot to the driver's side, it would have been over. That's kind of a ledge right there. We were going to just yank the front around down it but managed to winch the back up into the woods instead.




Two weeks ago:

I'm fuzzy on the area name.

But it's south of TSF, west of McMinnville.

Scoobyclimbs can fill in the details. :)

But anyway we went out and had some fun in the mud.

Not many pics were taken but I had to share.



Then I went out his past weekend.

Ended up running into Michael Appel and his group out around Goat mountain.

But it was late (I was working my way back) And I didn't get any pics of the big rock that popped his bead. Spent a good bit of time in the dark and deep mud getting the tire back on the rim and all was well.

Earlier I did find a fun but short trail though. (It was an exploration day).

Found a washed out road. Sucked cause I was trying to get to a spot on the map.


Then found a trail south of Goat Mt. After two 1/2 hours of rolling around forest roads I finally found a trail.

It was short. Not too difficult, but fun enough. A few holes and rocks do get around/over. Ran up it, then back down it.



Next weekend?......


Supposed to do a 1:1 run with the guys on the R/C rock crawling board out around Barlow road area and some play areas near the other end.

Also got a call from Scoobyclimbs to go wheeling again.

Gotta get it all in before the snow saps the fun out of it!! :burnout:

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Using Fwd is what we decided he needed to do. He's getting used to that welded rear end and short wheelbase, alot different than his Outback was. And we anchored the back end to a stump (and winched it up a little). Just in case. And dug out a little just downhill of the front tire.

Whipped around nice then. :) And pulled the stump out. We kinda knew that would happen but it was all that was available close by.

He had a few uphill wheels in the air moments with that one.

I get mine at crazy angles all the time. But his just got downright scary at points. It's hard to tell in the pic but just to his driver's side is basicly a drop-off. Fun to force a Soob up and down. But not sideways.



Hope you can get yours up and running soon.

Sorry to hear about the loss. :(

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Mindyou my son was in the hatch ..so rolling over was not an option...! Maybe when I weld in a rollbar..


It was so greasy..and when the back end started to come around "ok were havin fun now :grin: "Mudterrains would have been the tire of choice that day..The FWD option is nice to have when your in a jam..we still had to anchor the back to keep it from sliding...

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That second pic I'm actually standing somewhere off in the darkness to the left. :)


Glad I found you guys.

Seemed like an extra set of hands/flashlights was all that was needed.

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