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Can my 83 gl motor work in a vw?

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a few guys have the ER27 XT6 engine in their vanagons. the ER27 bellhousing is identical to the EA82. so the EA82 can definitely work and the EA81 should be the same.


would that be severely underpowered?

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I found this, they say the push rod 1800 CC fit in old buses






The following is a list of engines that we adapt to.


Average price is $440 for 200mm VW, $540 for 9” (228mm) VW.


Step 1, one find old cheap bus

Step 2 Buy this adapter

Step 3 figure out how to get motor out of GL SW

Step 4 Get tired of project and leave it half finshed, sell all for loss

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Good question, I probaly should work this out in my brain first, before buying all this stuff. Pull subie motor, Clean it up change oil pan gasket and valve gasket, Clutch. any thing you don't want to change later. It be tight in de back of de bus.


If we can remove all the emission air pumps and things? I would try, Get rid of Hitachi Carb, if I can find a cheap alternative


Change FLywheel , mate the adapter to trans, Change clutch things, mate the engine to adapter,


probaly have to rig a brace under the engine . Old bed frames , 2x4'es or something.


Now put the radiator some where. Buy 30 feet of pipe and flex radiator hose, Run it to the roof. or in front of the bus. If it is a camper bus maybe hide the radiator in the luggage rack someway Probaly need the electric fuel pump from the SUbie


Its getting expensive. Clutch stuff $100, water hose, fuel line. $50 Adapter $400. Misc stuff I don't know about $100, Old Bus $500? 120 hours of fun and frustration. I need to score a used adapter some way.


Did I miss anything? SC

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