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historic plates on a 78???

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Can i get a historic plate for my 78 Subaru Brat?


im doing a vintage look on it and that would make it flow a lot better.


also im looking for a cd player that has a real old look to it without spending a fortune ha. ive seen them at car shows but never bothered asking till now

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You are going to have to check on your local laws. I can only inform you as to the rules here in Washington, and I'm not sure where Avondale is.


But, if you are here in Washington, or if your state shares the same rules:

Yes. You can do "vintage" plates on a car over 25 years old. I know the age of an "antique" or "vintage" car varies from state to state.


There are pros and cons naturally with all of the plate types, but since you are only interested in vintage plates; I will only bore you with the details of them.


Here in Washington, vintage plates are for use on "restored" vehicles, and to register your car using the vintage plates you must surrender your title for reissuing to match the plate number you have submitted. The license plate number then becomes an "equipment" number, and you are no longer required to pay licensing tab fees. EVER AGAIN!!!!:banana::banana::banana::)


Some people are usually worried about surrendering their title, but I can tell you from experience; it isn't a big deal. Plus, it is a huge bonus to be able to drive the car whenever you want without having to check that the tabs are current. :mad:


The only downside to this is that since your car is now technically a "restored class vehicle" you are not legally allowed to use it as a daily driver. It is only supposed to be used to attend car shows, and be driven to be maintained. This means infrequent use. They do not limit you to a certain amount of miles yearly (like they claim with "collector" class plates) and they do not check your odometer yearly. It is on a honor system, but, they do warn the fine is hefty if a cop decides you are driving your "restored" car too often...


You do need to find a vintage plate from the correct era that your vehicle would have first been licensed. In Washington that would be a 1974-1980ish design. I believe they were the first series to have reflective material on them. You are only required to have one plate, and it is displayed on the rear naturally. No front plate required. The plate must be inspected at the DOL when you do the paperwork to make sure it is in satisfactory condition, and is of the correct era. You can find a printout of what plates correspond to what era at your state DOL, or their website. These plates are also sold at auto swapmeets, but, expect to pay $50 for one in decent shape from your era. Sets go for more.


Hope this helps.


Good luck!

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I just realized that you're in AZ. I want to get historic plates for my '78, too. Here is info for AZ:



2 Plates IssuedHistoric Vehicle

$25 initial application fee/ $10 annual renewal. Vehicle must bear a model date of original manufacture that is at least 25 years old. May require a vehicle inspection. Also available for motorcycles.



To get Classic Car plates it has to be on a list with the Classic Car Club of America.

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thank you. i wonder if in AZ if they restrict your driving too with the plates and if i didnt have to pay for tags that would be cool even though its only like 20 bucks a year ha. well thanks for the info. i look forward to doing it! :banana::banana:

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