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wow i'm glad to see this place is still around and i'm loving the new format.


i'm not sure if anybody would remember me but i had a 96 legacy wagon lifted on outback struts with wrx wheels and 215/65/16 general grabber at2's.


a couple pics for reference...






I got into driving a bit faster on dirt so i bought a wrx and sold the wagon.


a few pics of the wrx as it's progressed.

shortly after i bought it...



how it sits now...





anyways, thought i'd start looking around again as I've really been missing the wagon lately and may try to pick up 97-99 outback in the spring time for some light wheelin' duty.


good to be back!:)

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the wagon was sold to a coworker who has had no problems with it.


my wrx is goin on 112k miles with no problems either... just need to do some preventative maintenance to keep'er running.

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the wrx is a basic stage II (drop in filter, turboxs catless up pipe, ebay bellmouth catless down pipe, apexi world sport II exhaust, and an opensource stage II reflash) currently building around 16-17lbs on the off the shelf map. hoping to have a buddy help me get the tune dialed in a bit more with his wideband o2 and maybe a bit more boost.


i still have alot of plans for the car... (seats, motor mounts, lightened flywheel/pullies, and alot of suspension work are on the not to distant to do list)

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