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Grinding/scraping noise coming from rear

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I'm having a grinding/scraping noise coming from the rear of my Loyale when I hit the brakes. Naturally I thought it was worn out shoes... but when I pulled the drums off, the shoes had more than 50% of their lining left. The surface inside the drums looked good as well. I cleaned all the dust and debris out of the brakes and put them back together, and it still makes the noise.


Don't think it's bearings, as it never makes moise any other time, and doesn't really sound like a bearing noise. It sounds like more of a scraping than anything.


I'm thinking of just saying to hell with this and swapping to discs.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Swapping to discs is often the best answer for any brake issue on a Subaru.


To solve the problem you are currently having. How much travel does your brake pedal have? If it seems to travel quite a bit try adjusting the rears per a manual. Usually turn the adjuster until you can not turn the drum. Then back it off one flat. You'll understand when you do it. The adjusting bolt has four flat surfaces on it for adjustment purposes. The rear brakes are notorious for making noise because of the drum design. Dust and such can not escape and they are small enough that any material will cause them to chatter.

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