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seeking EA81 clutchs

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hey folks,


the clutch on my 82 GLW is on the way out (starting to slip) and I think I have adjusted properly (any advice appreciated).


So i am seeking/sourcing clutches and am curious if the clutches are the same for the EA81 carb'd and Turbo motors....??


gotta ea81T on the stand that probably won't be ready before clutch goes..........:(


looking only to buy one clutch and put turbo motor later this spring.........


thx always,



82 GLW manipulated

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2wd: 7 and 7/8" clutch disk

4wd: 8 and 7/8" clutch disk


I think the turbo disk is lighter. So of course, for race applications, a really really light 8 7/8" disk would be grand. For four wheelin just grab the regular ol' heavy 4wd disk.


btw - andrew (hondasucks) has my spare PP and clutch disk from my hatchback. Still got some meat left on it... he could probably use the cash if you were interested.

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also, you buildin up that EA81T motor?




a couple bucks here or there and before you know it...


seriously though... parts are cheap, 'cept for cams, saving $40 here or there can go a ways between now and when you put the engine in. New HP springs, retainers, lifters, drivetrain stuff....


I would love that motor to get one, $200 and I can grab everything I need for the swap...

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