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My friends and i have all have Subarus and want to meet up at browns sometime to meet all of you. theirs 4 of us total and we all have lifted modded wagons. anyone want to help plan a meet and greet at browns ? goodtimes !!


map of browns http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/TSF/docs/08docs/08_OHVGuidemap.pdf

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I'd be down :grin: but its proly pretty snowy up there. :-\


Brown's staging area itself is proly closed (always is in winter). But the front parking area to the left of the gravel shed off of 6 is open. (for a meeting spot)

Most the trails are still open last I heard. Some are blocked off for winter.

All are snow covered, some of it is pretty nasty.

Lots of blow down. I think the FS even just said screw it and closed some roads up there cause they don't feel like clearing the trees out.


This is just info I've gathered from a few runs guys did recently on some 4x4 boards I'm on. Almost every pic was buried 36"s and a winch cable out.


It may be different up there now though as it's been a little warmer the past week. :)

I'm thinking some trails might just be mud. Or with this wind even dry.

But I would check conditions day before just to be safe. :)



Doesnt mean I wouldn't want to go up and check it out though. :grin:

If all the powerlines are doable then at least we could get in what, 4-5 trails.



*We're doin SL this sunday again if ya want too. :)

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thanks for the reply. how was sand lake, i love the sand trails on the left side in all the bushes , how do you do on the hill ? i cant make it up in the middle but can crawl upon the right side @ 4500 rpm ! i might just meet ya !

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Sand Lake was awesome.

WAY less people out there than in the summer. :banana:


The trails in the trees rock. My Soob does pretty good on most of the bigger dunes.

If it's long and steep it just runs out of steam though. Work that 72 hp for all it's worth. :lol: Still get lots of thumbs up from the bigger 4x4's and quads and buggies though.

We aired down to about 15 psi last time as the sand was damp and kinda firm. Over the summer I would go down to 10 psi and it just floats. :grin:



Eagle Creek. That's pretty close by. We'll have to do some wheelin'.

Things are kinda crummy right now. The first snow was awesome. All powdery and easy to get through. Alot of the stuff around here now has real "cementy" type wet snow though by now. and it's mainly a day of digging so you can go halfway down one trail. :-\

Kinda why SL has been chosen as the "spot" for winter fun.

But with the number of us in the area now we want to get some good runs in come spring/summer.


I threw a post up in the "Trails" section that will have info and such for this weekend. :)

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