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Designing the tubing on my MJ

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This is what i am working with. A 1990 Jeep Comanche, Never mind the rear bumper, I broke it so i am going to remove it.






This is the basic idea of my build. Diagram A is the part that goes right behind the cab, I am going to run it a little above the cab so that I can add a front exo later. Am I going to need to reinforce the frame where it mounts? If so what are your suggestions?


Diagram B is from the back. The blue is the frame. The red is where it mounts to the frame. What do you guys think, Any suggestions?




Next question I started building myself a bumper before I wrecked my truck, the bumper is the width of the bed made out of 3/16 wall 2x5. Should I use it as a base in the back? like diagram B, or should I build something new that is narrower? Mind you that I am going to full widths. I am going to add fenders later so that it is streetable.



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plans are not to bad. i wouldn't mount it to the bumper. run a brace at the end of the frame rails (2x4 box side to side) above your shackles. this will strenthin the frame and give you a great place to weld your roll bar. if your going to put the bed sides on make it narrower so they fit like factory. are you building it for off-road use? if your counting on your roll bar to save the body if rolled over i would add more bracing. keep it as safe as possible.

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