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cylinder wall picture...... ok?

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I guess it was dark when I tore her apart, but didn't see these till sunlight hit them today when I was putting the heads back on, there seems to be two round impressions at the top of the cylinders from the rings. their smooth, and can't feel any bumps but here is a pic:




All 4 cylinders have this. Is this a problem?

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Nice crosshatch... at 180+k miles...


I wouldnt worry about it, as stated above if you cant feel the grooves, dont worry about it.

At the top of the piston travel, the piston stops momentarily and walks a little bit side to side due to the connecting rod swinging over on the crank. This happens at the bottom, too. Being that this is the only non-linerar (up and down) motion of the piston, not to mention the least lubricated area of the cylinder... it's not uncommon to see polished areas around where the rings sit at the top.



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