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Guest CasAct71

2003 Subaru Legacy SE Wagon 5MT - Two Questions

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Guest CasAct71

1. Alloy Wheels:


Are the alloy wheels standard on the SE Wagon available through sources other than Subaru? If so, what is the name of the wheel maker and the model of the wheel. The 3 letters "JJL" or "JIL" are cast onto each road wheel. I expect to replace the temporary spare with a full-sized one and would like to consider the possibility of using an alloy rim identical to that of the road wheels.



2. Driveline Jerkiness (Mild):


Is the condition subsequently described in this paragraph unusual or require attention? When driving at low speed in the lower gears, the car is very sensitive to the applying or lifting-off the accelerator. In the top two gears, the car is very sensitive to lifting-off the accelerator. The car now has about 225 miles on the odometer. The "jerkiness" is much, much more noticeable than that of our comparable 2001 Subaru with about 40K miles. (Note: No hint of this condition exists in our 2002 VW GTI 1.8T.)



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