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subaru limited slip

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Does the subaru limited slip (non viscous) use clutch packs to engage?If so you can add shims to the packs and change the order of the packs to get a much tighter limited slip.In theory you could set it so tires could still manage turns but lock up enough to help in offcamber/wheel of the ground situations.That way you wouldnt need to pull an axle driving on the street.Just a thought...

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It does use clutch packs. I don't think there are any real upgrades available though.


There is a video on youtube of a guy with a Swapped out impreza with an STI Clutch pack LSD. He did a few videos with different tires in the air, testing the LSDs and the DCCD in his 6 speed swap.


The *supposed* clutch type, r180 STI rear doesn't do ************ if one wheel is completely in the air. The guy says there must be some resistance to both wheels for the wedges to push against the clutches.


His Helical Front LSD wasn't any better.


I want to see it tried with the VLSD.


Videos are by *funitsu* IIRC. titled DCCD 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 and *teetered*

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