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Hi all,


I am wondering if anyone here has and experience using an 98 OBS (or around that year) to tow something?


Accoring to car101.com it says it can tow 1700lbs but I'm more into real world experience.


Any ideas?





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it'll tow 1700.


towing is very subjective. one number doesn't accurately reflect all loads, trailers, driving conditions, and uses.


towing in southern mississippi where the roads are miles and miles of nothing but straight and flat is far different than towing in mountain passes with inclines and switch backs.


there's really no "one number" that fits every single user. it's a statistical curve, as your weight goes up risk increases. there's no magic number. at 1700 it's just like driving empty, then at 1701 it's an instant wreck.


also if it's a one time deal that can be less of an issue. if it's something you'll be towing often, that's different.


might help to know what you're trying to do and get recommendations to make it as safe as possible.

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