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P.S.C.C. Rallycross Series in Red Hook, NY

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The Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club is hosting a great Rallycross program for 2009 at Grieg's Farm in Upper Red Hook, NY. The area they are using is a mostly flat field with no rocks. This event should be relatively safe for almost any car.


Entry fees are $35 for SCCA members, and $50 for non-members.




For additional information, please see their or contact PSCC President Mark VanDeCarr at 845-876-6209(W) or 914-456-6568(Cell).



May 17

June 7

July 26

August 23

September 20

October 25

November 15

A few dates may change because they are on the same weekend as some other Rallies. The May 17th date is solid.




7:00-8:30 AM - arrival, sign-in, walk in registration. Please be prompt.

7:30-8:45 AM - tech inspection

8:45 AM - participants' meeting

~9:00 AM - first car off

noonish - lunch break ~30 minutes

We have a local Deli come in to take lunch orders in registration, no need to leave the site.

~4:00 PM - event conclusion, equipment pick-up

~5:00 PM - awards and departure.

**All participants will be required to work.**


Register online today!




Location: Grieg Farm Redhook NY.

Map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=114240274575399231541.0004673e15e236ae57276&z=14 . Look for a sign which says “PSCC” and orange cones marking the entrance.

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Please note the July date has been changed to July 19th.


Had 10 runs at Last months event! Fast Course!



Mark Long

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I challenge any Subaru with my diminutive 8 valve 1.6 liter FWD 1986 Nissan Sentra.


Yes, I'm serious! :drunk:


Any takers?



#46 Super Saloon

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Jeff Nicol Photo


Apologies for not keeping this thread updated. We enjoyed another great rallycross event this weekend with the good folks of the P.S.C.C. The course was really open and fast. Loved the third gear action and the sound of the Suby turbos along with the dual side draft carbies on my old school Sentra.


Car counts were down once again though. We are baffled as to why. These are the best rallycross events I've ever been to.


It seems that the New Englanders have their own well established series up there and they don't really have a reason to travel down here. So that leaves the Hudson Valley and Jersey people to draw from. Think about it: of the millions of people in NJ, there are NO rallycross events at all in that state. My guess is that the forecast for the Hudson Valley and areas south was for rain and the masses down there decided to stay home. The event was dry the majority of the day with some light drizzle right at the very end. We all got 11 runs and enjoyed hot food and beverages cooked on site by Isabellas deli caterers.


The final PSCC rallycross for 2009 is scheduled for Sunday, November 15th at Greig Farm, Redhook, NY. The exact location has not been chosen yet [they have numerous fields to choose from], but this link shows the location of the various sites they've used this year. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UT...27637&t=h&z=15



Mike Kamm


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All the same I applaud your efforts for Rallycross and hope you will keep your chin up and your events coming.

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!......


This will be your last chance to drive in one the best rallycross series' around. This Sunday, November 15th will be the season Finale ar Greig's Farm in Red Hook, NY. The weather is supposed to be 63 degrees!


Please go to: http://www.psccny.com/rallycross for full event info.




Directions: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UT...36ae57276&z=14 .


See the site listed as used on May 17th. That's where we will be holding this Sunday's [November 15th] event.


In-car video from the August event here:


Who's in?



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