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head light trouble

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HELP!!!! I have a 89 GL, my passenger side head light is very dim I checked the bulb, its okay. It's seems like it has a bad ground I've checked all grounds they are ok. this trouble began after I swapped the auto trans for a D/R 5sp

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After using Andy's excellent advise, if you find the problem to be wiring, here is the wiring schematic.

Note there are two relays (seen a little left of center) for the head lites, one for the left and one for the right headlamp. It is possible one of them has bad or burned contacts. You do not say if the problem exists in low and hi beam? Why this relay would give you trouble after a tranny swap is also a mystery.

You say you checked the ground, well the ground for the head lights is behind the coil, yes the coil, clean this one.

But that ground would affect both headlamps.

Probably will not help, but here it is


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