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As the thread title says, I just bought my first Subaru. A 1990 Legacy LS 2wd automatic. I did a fair amount of reading here before taking the plunge. Bought it for $800, with 133,000 miles on the odo.


First items I addressed, driver's window stuck down. Found plastic fatigue in the switch. Super glued some and got it working, but button is really sticky, looking for a used master switch.


Second priority, passenger side valve cover gasket leaking a fair amount of oil down onto exhaust. Changed gasket and that took care of the worst leak. I''ll power wash the underside of the engine and see what else is leaking.


Next item to work on. A/c blows cold when it works. Works intermittently. Appears to be a problem in the control circuit. Relay? Pressure switch?


One other question(for the moment at least). The tires on it are 175/70R14. There are 2 new Fiske Classics on the rear. I'm going to be using this vehicle for a rural mail route in SE Arizona. 40 miles of dirt road every time I will run the route. What are the toughest tires that I can fit on the vehicle?


Whatever advise, input, you experienced Subaru owners can throw my way will be much appreciated.




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