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Sold My Vanagon

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So, I sold my converted Vanagon today to a couple in Phoenix. I will miss it. The final trip I took in it was pretty fun minus the last couple hours from Flagstaff to Phoenix down I-17 and the trip across town the next morning. (hot-a/c broke again)

This trip was Denver to Phoenix. I took a mostly non freeway trip that my Garmin suggested and got to cover some country I had never seen before. Went to 4 corners and met a family that I got to show the van off to who were in their Eurovan camper.

I then went to the South side of the grand canyon national park and took a peek and was rather amazed/amused. Very pretty and worth a trip if you never have gone.


I got pulled over by one of Colorado's Nicest highway patrolmen and I mean that sincerely.


Some great trips in it for sure. I put around 11,000 miles on it in 4 years which is really why I sold it; I just wasn't using it.

WCSS in Oregon

Montana to Yellowstone

Big Bear California followed by Sacramento and then Home (blown HG trip still made it home)


Regional Rallycross at Winter Park a couple years ago.

Carhenge (Nebraska) with the 3 guys from CCR.


I failed multiple times at getting the A/C to work and am slightly sad about that. Was the only thing I just never got to work. I think the expansion valve was toast now but might not ever know.


The new owners are going to do such great things with it and I am excited that they bought it.


Good luck vanaroo, aka the "bangbus".

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I always regret selling something i care about. I always think did i really need the money that bad. It was ok sitting there. Your right someone might enjoy it more but you put more miles on that car then i put on 11 thousand in 4 years i put on 5000 miles in 2 years. And thats my DD.

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That was a cool project, well documented here.


I'm glad I got to "meet" it in person at last year's WCSS :) .


BTW, how'd ya get back home from PHX?

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