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Subaru Swap Harnesses

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So I finally got around to sending a message to Noah and Shawn. While they both do it occasionally.....not terribly actively. So.....I thought I'd throw my name in the hat.


preferred contact method is through the email form on my website. that way it goes to my main email address, and get's tagged that it's about Numbchuxconversions.





I've done a dozen or so early EJ22 harnesses for EA subarus. a couple for VWs, a few for VW-based buggies.


I can also do full merges. I did the Grimmspeed track car, which is a '96 impreza with an '05 WRX motor/trans/dash (climate control and 200+awhp in a GC impreza!!):









5 SVX swaps.







last month we did my buddy's '95 impreza LX, which got 2002 WRX ECU, wiring, and heads, with a built EJ22t shortblock and the stock dash (pictures to come when his pistons arrive and it can actually be assembled....).

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^Thanks. yea, I've tried to answer most of those questions on the site.


for most of what you guys would be looking at (EJ into an EA car). it's $250. and that's for anything 2001 and older. OBD II harnesses don't scare me (they can even be a bit easier to initially separate....), and they only extra requirement to make one run completely is a vehicle speed sensor. but even that can be simulated with a little unit from EngineWiring.com



All I need to know, is years, transmissions, ABS, Airbags, A/C about all 3 cars. That is, the car the engine came out of, the car the engine is going into, and the car after the swap is done (i.e. your loyale had A/C, but you're not going to make it work after the swap. or your legacy had ABS, but it'll be removed with the SVX swap).

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So I have a carbed ea82 hatch. With no A/C, ABS, or any of that bull************. 5 speed transmission.


If I want to put a ej22 in it, is it possible to mount the engine, and built a harness to the ECU which will be in the engine bay, as minimal as possible?

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