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I have a 2003 Outback with an AC problem. It blows cold for a short while (1-3 minutes) then the air gets musty like an old room that has been closed up for years. The air gets warmer and this can last for as long as 5 minutes before the cold cuts on again. I have taken this problem to Folgers in Charlotte, NC who is the dealer, 3 times and they say they have fixed it but they have not. They have replaced (they say) the compressor, hose and various other parts. I need recommendations for someone in the Charlotte, NC area who is an honest and competent Subaru Mechanic.


Thanks for your help,


Chris Wellborn


Rock Hill, SC


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You need to have the evaporator core cleaned. The reason for it not blowing cold could be the actuator/flap is opening for some reason allowing hot air in form the heater core, or it might be that the charge is too high. Take it to an independent AC service shop and have them look at it. A lot of technicians know less than you might think about AC systems. You're better off having it serviced by a shop that specializes in AC.

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