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Really dumb idea ?

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The strength of a truss is at the peak of the rafters. The horizontal tie or ceiling joist is probably only OK to hang sheetrock on. Probably you can pull a subie engine on a 2x6 but I would double it. As long as the cj is tied solid to the rafters with 2x4's or actually scrap plywood is good also then it should be good. If the truss has enough interior structure you could perhaps just gusset the gangnails with plywood maybe. Hang off it. It should feel SOLID. You could just sister the whole ceiling joist from wall to wall if you offset the joints about 5 or 6 feet. The ceiling joist in your truss may not be one piece, it may be gangnailed end to end. Be aware.

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I have it all setup and ready to hoist.

Finding an able body to help is another story.






I have two 2x6 boards spanning across five beams to spread the load.

I swung on it like a chimp to test, and it is very solid.


I need to adjust the tow strap shorter, as you can see there is not much

room for the come-along to work. As is, i'll get the engine 6 inches up :rolleyes:


My plan is to utilize the come-alongs' lifting ability to get the engine up to the front end's level.

Rest it on there, and lower it by hand to the ground.


Sounds easy enough.

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What started as a silly idea, worked magnificently.








I wouldn't hesitate to do it again and again. This garage is rock solid.

Not even a creak from the weight.


For everyone's insight and inspiration to give it a go,

i say cheers! :drunk:

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