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gas in oil 2.2

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1992 2.2 in exstended cab 1982 brat


OK so ben and i finally got the 2.2 swaps complete . he got rearended so his is dead and mine is pouring gas into the oil


somethings i thought it might be ,I just thought i would run it past ya all


first the fuel pump is hard wired to come on with the key


the largest hose that goes from the throttle body back to the intake hose is plugged up, because if it open i have a huge vacum leak


so let me know if any of yall have had this problem


and yes i did a search and ihave to say that thing is very poor try searching for gas in oil it says its to common of a term so i

tried re wording and wording it and wording it and wording it all that got me is a broken monitor:mad:



thanks in advance

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search doesn't play well with 3 letter words. try adding a * to either end of a three letter word, sometimes that works.


*gas or gas* might actually show some results.


not sure about:


*gas in *oil


or similar combinations but give it a whirl.


how do you know there is gas in the oil?

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I don't do these kinds of swaps.


But gas in oil is typically one of 3 things.


Bad fuel pressure regulator


Injector is bad and/or leaking down


Fuel return line is plugged.

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