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Guest SonOfJaqen

Okay, so I finally let my fiance drive the Baja and we had the stereo cranking. The subwoofer (under the passenger seat) really annoys me when I'm sitting there. It is just way toooo much bass and you can't hear anything else.

All this time when I've been driving I thought my woman was being a pain by having me turn down the tunes. I should never have doubted her ;)


Anyway, I took a gander at the subwoofer and I see no way of adjusting it short of unplugging it. No controls or anything.

THe only thing you can do is adj the bass in the stereo, but then it makes all of the speakers sound like tin. So that isn't an option.


Any ideas short of unplugging the sucker?



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Guest Legacy777

I think on some of the previous models there is a gain adjustment knob. Probably your best bet is to take the thing out that way you can thoroughly look over it. The gain adjustment will probably be a small opening with a place for you to stick a small flat head screwdriver in there to adjust things.

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