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04 fxt

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So I got my STi intercooler and its goin in tomorrow night after work. Looking forward to it!! I also got a set of Hella Supertones.


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Finally got my longer intercooler elbow. The stock STi elbow doesn't fit well on the stock TD04 turbo, so I had to install a longer one. But I'm gonna hold onto the stock one for when I upgrade to the STi VF39 turbo:grin:

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I like the yellow fogs man. I put some yellow fog tint on my RS and really love the look it gave it. Not much for the monster 04-05 STi scoop. I think a JDM Forester STi one would like smoking hot painted to mach.


My friend and I went and drove a white 04 XT a few months ago. We both really liked it except for the tranny shifted really hard each time. Plus I smelled oil everytime we stopped. I told him to pass.

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Thanks. I think I would rather have the JDM scoop, but I got a great deal on this one, and the JDM ones are quite pricey, then I would have to get it painted as well. Maybe in the future. I have to get some bulbs to go into the fogs. Something brighter!!

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Yeah I saw that. I will probably get them soon. Are they nice and bright now?


They have really helped in snow and rain at night.

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Been a while but I got a few more little things done, and some new pics!!


These are from a recent group drive through the White Mountains area of New Hampshire......






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Ok a few more u18x8.5 Rota Grids for summer wheels and an Importology front lip




along with a few small odds and ends. The biggest new thing is an 04 STi 6 speed tranny with a Kartboy short shifter that will be going in soon!!


I will be using an Impreza auto driveshaft and Legacy turbo rear diff so I can keep my hubs with the 4 pot 2 pot brakes. And I will be using a DCCDPro to control the DCCD. I can't wait to get it in!!

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Been a long time since I updated this. I have since upgraded to 04 STi rear hubs, and front and rear Brembo brakes, so I essentially have the full STi 6 spd swap now. I'll have to update my mod list on the first page. A couple pics....




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Current Mod list....


Power: STi Stage 2


Cobb AP V2

2004 STi ECU

VF-39 turbo

Ver8 JDM STi TMIC w/ splitter

Go Fast Bits Response BOV/BPV

GTSPEC header and up-pipe

Perrin catted Down pipe

Vibrant Cat-Back

Injen cold air intake

Kartboy lightweight crank pulley

Walbro 255 lph fuel pump


Optima Red Top battery

Paranoid Fabrications grounding kit

Kakumei radiator shroud

Subtle Solutions turbo heat shield and chimney

STi tranny mount

Group N motor mounts

Group N pitch stop

Torque Solutions driveshaft bushings

04 STi 6 spd transmission

04 STi R180 rear diff

Forester auto driveshaft

Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit

DCCDPro Universal controller




KYB 06 WRX struts

04 STi front and rear Brembo brakes

04 STi rear hubs

SS brake lines F&R

Kartboy front sway bar endlinks

Kartboy rear sway bar endlinks

STi lateral links

STi springs

Paranoid Fabrications Saggy Butt spacers

Cobb 25mm STi rear sway bar w Energy suspension bushings

Kartboy "race" rear diff outrigger bushings

Heavy duty STi rear sway bar mounts

05 STi BBS wheels with 5x100>5x114 adapters

17x8 O.Z. Racing Crono HT winter wheels

ebay rear strut bar

Torque Solutions driveshaft bushings




04 WRX front seats

JDM STi hood scoop

Importology front lip

hood struts

CF Alt. belt cover

Custom front grille w/ STi badge

Hella Supertones

STi front plate delete

Rally Armor mud flaps

Subimods Bi Xenon HID's

Maddad Clarity Ultra boost gauge

Kartboy short throw shifter

Kartboy shift knob

Kartboy red exhaust hangers

Kartboy battery tie down

Infinity Basslink Sub/amp

Red LED gauge cluster lighting

Auto dimming/compass rear view mirror


Soon to come:


New front bumper with Importology front lip molded in

newer hood with no dent

newer fenders with no dents!

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Went and visited the car after work today. I knew it was a little tweaked in the front drivers side, but didn't know how bad it was. The drivers side strut tower was pushed back into the firewall, and that whole side was bent up quite a bit. When it was fixed(before the previous owner bought it)they did not do a good job at all. It's obvious they were just trying to get it out of the shop quick. But now, everything is lined up and put back into place! It will be painted within the next couple days, and I should have it back by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Here are a couple pics.



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What happened? Did you have a wreck?

No, it was in a minor accident long before I got it, and the way things lined up have been bugging me forever, so it's finally getting taken care of!

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Stopped by tonight to drop off my nice clean air filter to put on before it goes back together. It's all painted! I didn't get a great look at it because he had just got done, but I did get to see the bumper cover. He sprayed that separate because of the flex additive needed. That looked great, and looking in through the window, the rest of the car did too! I'm thinking Monday it will be all done. He was going to wet sand a few spots tonight and tomorrow and then finish up. I can't wait!

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