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Justy Idle Problems

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Justy number one is experiencing an idleing problem. After the car is warmed up the engine idles between 1800 and 1500 rpm. It see-saws up and down in a regular rhythm. It seems to say "I am warming up, I am at temperature, I am warming up, I am at temperature..." Other symptoms include:


1. Temperature guage warms to 1/4 to C and stays there at all times. Unless the engine is idleing for a long time...then shoots to H.

2. Fan never turns on.

3. No check engine light.


At this point, I am stumped. Car runs fine except for these problems. I am hoping somebody out there has seen this before.


Car in question:

91 Justy EFI 4wd.


Justy w/4wd + Hakkapalittas= Snomobile with heat!

Matthew Bos

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Matthew Bos, with this type of problem there are two items that come to mind, you will need a Justy manual to find them, do you have one??

Check the fuel injection thermosensor for dirty contacts or a faulty unit

There must be an IAC (Idle air control valve), sounds like it is wanting cleaned as it is attempting to set the proper idle.

Sorry I can help much, one of the Justy Boyz, surely will come to the rescue.

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#1.. i would say replace the thermostat.. seen this exact symptom happen when a car has a stuck open thermostat or there isn't one.


#2.. check the connections that are on the fan thermoswitch that is on the radiator.. usually you can unplug the 2 wires and short them together to get the fan to turn on.. that will tell you that the fan works but the switch is bad.. then replace it.


#3.. is there a reason it should be on? you should see it come on when you initially turn the key on, otherwise it should stay off.. if its not coming on at all, it could be a burned out bulb..


just my opinions on those problems..

on the idle i have no idea..

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