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70's-80's NOS parts update

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Guys,I woke up a little sick today and had my daughter to watch.Just couldn't swing the trip today.I plan on going tomorrow.


I should have most of the items I said I'd get for the people who posted on my original thread.Then I'm going to attempt a bulk buy for the remainders.


Please don't reply here.I'll bump up the original post as I can.Might take untill Sunday night.I should be going to PA to get Dennis' dad's hatch on Saturday in the afternoon.


I'll kill this thread when I bump up the other one.Cheers

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Went up there today.I have a huge pile of stuff to "check out" next week.The day flew by.I sat down with the owner to start pricing stuff and he decided to just have one of his guys do it next week.It'll be later in the week.


Thanks again to Shawn and Skip for loaning the parts manuals.I've barely touched them,most not even opened once.It's just alot of stuff to gather.There'll be some misc. boxes that I'll need all the help I can get from the manuals.


Some notes:

THere's a set of hood decals in his pen,locked up.He said they were for all older Subarus but mostly Brat owners used them to compliment the other stripes from the factory.I did not see any "BRAT" decals or targa stripes,etc.


The stripe kits seem to be all 1975.THere's one "5speed" and a few "4 wheel drive" ones in black,gold,and maybe one white.


A roll bar sits in the corner.He knows I can get a buyer for it so it'll go to one of us here.Still not sure if its Gen I or II.It's a 3 piece with the rearward legs mounting to the wheel well(curved mounting foot)....is that Gen I?


Lots of trailing arms for EA82 cars and a few others too.Some brake drums,rear plates with brakes complete.some calipers....


Racks for a 3door,Justy,and others.A couple EA82 racks.Some rear deflectors for EA81 wagons complete with feet,etc....


Look back next week.

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Brian,I think these are all for the Stage I cars.THey're all marked 1975.Could work but won't be correct,if that matters.Send some pics of this Safari Package please.I just got an old gas can that looks very "safari".Should look cool mounted on the rear.


wagonpowaa-thanks,looks just like the one in your avitar.

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If it runs along the side of the car, it should match.




The window sticker and reciept of sale lables it with "Safari" options... so i'll call it the Safari Package :)


Would love to have some 4 Wheel Drive decals for the side... workin on getting a dual carb setup. The rear tank, if its for a Gen1, would look beautiful on this rig.



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