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I purchased this subaru a year ago and had the motor rebuilt. It was amazing, 1998 Outback. Then we took to Sears for oil change, drove 200 miles and motor blew. Towed to mechanic who tore it down again and stated it was dry started during oil change. We had 4500 no prob miles prior. So he rebuilt it again, had to replace the bottom end and redo the heads, etc. I live on SSDI and so far have over 3k in repairs, have had it on the road apx 4 months and in repair or waiting for repair all the other time. I contacted Sears who said because we did not take to them they are not responsible, blah blah like I would take car to Sears if motor blew> Anyway, just had a nice 500 mile RT and got back and not two days later the engine overheated. We had mechanic come look and replaced the radiator, then is would still over heat, we changed thermo, still over heat in mins, we then where told the water pump ( new about 1000miles on it) was bad, so we replaced, then it still over heated so he said heads where bad, so we just rebuild the whole top end, he said the bottom end was fine, we had head resurfaced, new gaskets etc. And now he says it will not "flush" and is at a loss. We have replaced the radiator, water pump, top end rebuild, etc.. 

I spent all I had to my life savings on this car. I live on 720 a month and will never save a dime again. I live very rural and need transportation, I cannot sell it as for it is not running and I have put over 3k in repairs.. 

He says he only had this happen once in the past 15 yrs and never could figure it out and is about to give up. I cannot even sleep.. If he does not fix it I have no money left for someone else to do it. I tried to sue Sears and of course lost to the mega corporation even with mechanic as a witness, engine in courtroom and all the shavings in oil. 

Anyone, anywhere that has an idea why this rebuild will not flow please help.. ASAP

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Subaru is picky about the thermostat it uses. Has to have a 170 degree thermostat and it has to come from a dealer. Aftermarket thermostats don't work and can cause problems just like this.

Another problem is the bypass routing through the heater core absolutely has to be clear. Coolant moves through the bypass to the back side of the thermostat and keeps it open in cold weather. If the heater core is plugged the bypass route gets blocked and only ice cold coolant from the radiator flows over the thermostat, causes it to close and stay closed.

Get a thermostat from Subaru and back flush the heater core and bypass pipe.

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2001 Subaru Forester idles rough after it warms up engine light comes on. Started off with new plugs, putting new plug wires put in, new crossover antifreeze sensor. Brand new coil pack, new fuel injector cylinder 1, code reader says misfire on cylinder 1.

Engine light came back on after 14 mile run. I'm into it for just over $300.oo any help would be greatly appreciated capable of rebuilding the entire engine if necessary don't want to spend that much money on a $2,500 car

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