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    interesting thing i found out on this. the smell hadent stopped because i changed the belt. the smell stopped because the thing that was burning up finished burning up. i found both my fog lights not working a while after i changed the belt and when i dug into it the entire hid setup i had self destructed from the wires burning off of the bulbs and both ballasts being melted in the centers. i picked at the burnt rubber around the bulbs and it released the same exact smell i had been smelling.
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    We see water pump failures all the time. We replace them EVERY timing belt change. Same for all the idlers, tensioner, and the thermostat (OEM or Tama only). Gates is Chinese garbage. Same for Fail-Pro - US garbage. They don't know Japanese engines. Junk. OEM 770 or 642 gaskets from the turbo engine. Aisin for the water pump. NTN, Koyo, and NSK for the components. Re-use the bolts. Clean them with mineral spirits. DO NOT wire wheel them. We NEVER replace bolts. Not a failure point. GD
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    +1 No one here wants to watch YouTube videos with n00b tips. We all have this sh1t sorted pal. GD
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    I've gotten aftermarket, some come in packs of two or multiples for a good price, but not for 2015+ and they fit fine, but i don't recall brand or them being notably bad. Try one and compared it to the (likely) OEM one you remove and see how they compare. I find it very unlikely a car cabin is sealed off enough for a filter to significantly improve on the conditioned, non allergenic space except in very limited (physical, environmental, physiological) circumstances.
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    I have actually found toast and toys in VHS and 8-track players. They go in a ziplock bag and returned to the customer.
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    Just bought a 2006 Outback Wagon that had bad tailgate wiring. Wires on both sides were broken,so I just replaced the entire harness. Replaced the harness and the circuit that powers up the radio, dome lights etc kept popping as soon as fuse was installed with the car ignition off. Crazy, thought the harness would have taken care of that, but no. Did some reading and some testing and thought, what the hell, pull the radio based on what I was seeing. Well, when the radio came out, it was rattling like a box of nuts and bolts in an empty box. I shook it for a few minutes gently to see what it was and all of the sudden, coins start coming out of the cd slot. .37 later the radio is empty but dead. No more circuit popping. Put in a 05 Radio I had on the shelf in and I am off to the races......with a radio. I have never seen that before. LOL
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    they can only show stuff that actually gets reported. owner goes to a small independent shop instead of the dealer for routine work (or does it themselves), chances are said work will not be reported, therefore, no record. routine maintenance is not what I would necessarily be looking for on a carfax anyway. They are more useful for accident info, flood damage, that sort of thing.
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    Here's an update with what may be the final solution: when we changed the clutch on this, we noticed that one of the pins on the engine-to-car connectors was pushed halfway out, and had obviously not been making a secure contact. That was one of the pins for the TPS! We couldn't get the pin to go back into the connector, so we pulled it out of the connector housing on both sides, and plugged it together outside the housing. A little shrink tubing and it works again!
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    The door trim is probably a dealer-installed extra, so its location would be determined by whoever was doing the PDI.
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    Got it. Cam sensor wiring was damaged by rabbits I believe. Always something.
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    You’re doing it way too slowly and quietly if you’re hearing a fraction of a teaspoon of air escaping! Lol
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    There is no significant benefit to a larger filter other than slight (and I do mean SLIGHT) increase in capacity. Subaru's tend to shed a lot of metal into the oil. What you want is a *better* filter. And better isn't always bigger - smaller micron rating, and things like the number of pleats in the element (surface area), and the type/location/psi of the bypass valve are much more important than the size. And the Subaru blue filters are straight garbage. WIX is good for a cheap filter. If you want the best - Amsoil or Royal Purple (same manufacturer). GD
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    Not even enough for a 12oz PBR.
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    She said the pan was still dry today! Sweet.
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    Does that help their views? I assume they’ll edit or turn comments off and still get the click/view. Not interested in helping this asinine spam licker.
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    No knock sensor on SPFI.
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    Heys guys, I've been playing around with my 3D printer and found a file online that someone made as a direct replacement for the original center hub wheel rings (part that hold the center cover into place). Mine are plastic, and work great! With it being nearly impossible to find any OEM ones still usable, these are a great replacement. If someone needs a set of 4 printed up, PM me.
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    Yeah, I know I could open the window and use hand signals but the car did come with that stick on the steering column with the auto blinky things. My latest was an 05 with nothing on the steering wheel but dust and food crumbs. Reaching down isn't so much an issue as looking down. I have to say I have gotten used to radio and phone volume controls etc. on the wheel without looking down. I was actually partial to the few remaining dial controls pre MY20s when they then introduced full touch controls like an iPad. Dealer checked other MY 19s on the lot and confirms. From other subie sites, it seems to work on 17s and 20-21s. Apparently 18-19 was Harmon Kardon head unit. I guess they consider it a feature to reduce functionality? BTW, any more wise cracks and I'm gonna bring yas up on charges of elder abuse OR start posting my own tips for extra long funnels or spill proof oil drain pans. Now... get off my lawn!
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    You should probably call Scotty in engineering..... or perhaps Uhura in communications can sort this out with Startfleet Command? GD
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    The top pic is a jack block I made from plywood. The bottom pic is the proper front jack point. Notice the 2 little notches in the pinch weld. Between them is where you put the Subaru jack. There are a similar pair of notches back near the rear wheels.
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    I've been cutting the bottom off of 5 gallon buckets ever since working in the industrial sector where this is common practice and has been since right after they invented dirt. Spin the bucket through a running bandsaw blade. Can make many heights, cut notches for easier drain, etc. This is nothing new. Wait till dude discovers funnels made from soda bottles! LOL. GD
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    253 and 255 are very different engines. 253 being SOHC and 255 being DOHC Turbo. All USDM shortblocks since the mid '90s have the VIN stamped into a flat on the RH side of the block next to the bellhousing.
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