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    Crank case ventilation A hose connects from there to a metal tree which has 4 additional hoses connecting to the: 1. intake (see the ports on the picture of the bottom of an XT6 intake hose) 2. one for each valve covers (see the port on the top of each valve cover) 3. And the top most of the tree goes to the PCV valve in the intake manifold
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    really? you pulled up a 5yr old post for that?
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    The bolts are in a larger hole and the thickness of the bolt thread. So the hub can effectively move closer to, or away from the swing arm mount a few mm. And by raising the bolts relative to their holes, it twists/rotated the hub face so the tyre can have loads of positive or negative camber. I hope this helps Jono! Cheers Bennie
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    I can tell you what they ARE doing: loosening the three bolts on the outer swing arm to make adjustments. These three bolts are set from factory or the dealer as part of the final inspection and are deemed “unadjustable”. You need a shop that can look at toe, camber and castor as one setting - those three bolts do all of that for the rear end - it all depends on how they move the hub part of the swing arm in relation to the front section of the swing arm with the three bolts. Tiny movement/changes at the two halves of the outer swing arm make big changes at the top, bottom, front and rear of the tyre. It’s not an easy adjustment to get right - and access to those bolts is limited. Cheers Bennie
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    LH. Change 40 to 30 for the RH
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    05 outback 200K miles puddling oil. Yes I have had external HG leaks for quite some time but all of a sudden, there was a lot of oil leaking. Watched a number of videos on replacing the valve cover gasket and plug seals. Today I investigated how tight the quarters are for my fat hands and to my amazement, the lower front bolt on the drivers side was so loose I could turn more than one full turn by hand! Checked other bolts and they seem OK (alright, I didn't get to the lower rear bolt). Will check that another day. Fingers crossed that fixes the leak... for now.
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    This is Awesome! Keep the pictures and posts coming
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    i found the fault. it was a screw that had went through the wiring harness behind the passenger headlight when i mounted the ballast for the hid's not sure why it dident trigger a code sooner but after working through everything ive done recently i found the issue
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    Thanks to Crazyeights misfortune we now have a second donor vehicle with many fresh components. I look forward to resurrecting what we can from “lil red”. We did let “lil red” stretch it’s legs one more time before we started dismantling it. We had so much fun on our first pass that we drove back down to the bottom of the mountain and went again, such a shame it got smashed! Thanks for everything Crazyeights!
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    Friendly subie tech said loosen the passenger motor mount remove the driver motor mount and tilt the motor. My plan is to remove the oil soaked shield below the engine bay and see if I can access the rear lower vc bolt and wiggle the cover out without disassembling too much else. As a retired dentist, I am used to working in tight spaces and never considered the option to remove the ear to work on a back tooth. ;-)
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    Got it last night so installed it ;D Amazon Prime can be useful sometimes. $20 and next day service!
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    To update, It's running great! I did the belt/tooth marking technique just to make extra sure. Its such a huge pain to get my covers off so I went far to make sure it was perfect. It started up like new! Thanks for the advice. I'll be back for more but hopefully not soon.
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    It's Mitsuboshi (spelled with an O), they make good timing belts. Spin all the idlers when you take off the belt. Any that freewheel like rollerskates should be replaced; those have no grease left.
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    The EA81 has very few electrical components that are specific to the engine, so you don't need to remove much. The vast majority of your time will be spent stripping and prepping the EJ harness
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    I understand the power plant swap and I’m all for it. If you want the sleeper look, don’t lift it! An AWD box in there will get the power to the ground and make the car very nice to drive without worrying about spinning front wheels all the time! Just throwing ideas out there if you really don’t need the lift. Cheers Bennie
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    The 360 series here in the USA and I guess several markets. It failed here so they quickly supplied a boxer engined , slightly larger and totally awesome ff-1 series , given other names in various markets. Star as they were called. That lasted just a few years before the “Leone” series which was here in the USA around 1972. There are overlaps if each series into the others. 1972-77 Stage One is part one of the First Generation as we refer to them. 1977 Stage two through 1979 cars would be part two of the first gen. Brat is the same generation through 1981. Next model cars begin 1980 Next model Brat begins 1982 usa
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    We have hired the services of the Locksmith company on two occasions and both the times we received excellent services.
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    Our 95 and 97 EJ2.2 will do exactly the same thing when the MAF sensor is bad. Happened a couple of times. Get one from a yard. The last ones I pulled myself cost me $25.00 a peace.
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    It ea81. Distributor is on th e front, left of center. I didn't realize the power steering pump was the same. Also, no timing belts or covers I can see in the pics.
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    Yep, there's a steel line under the intake manifold, with a little rubber hose up to the throttle body, that's likely your culprit. Can be capped off or bypassed. I love Toyotapartsdeal.com, and they have a Subaru counterpart (www.subarupartsdeal.com)
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Club-Pedal-To-Steering-Wheel-Lock-Vehicle-Anti-Theft-Device-Fits-Most-Cars/352756509344?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 And/or this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Club-3000-Twin-Hooks-Steering-Wheel-Lock-Yellow/153791200705?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Some thieves find spare keys at PNP yards. I've overheard some hunting for keys at a So Cal PNP, shouting to each other when they found keys. Remarkable....pun intended.
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    I hope nobody minds if I start posting a lot in this thread now Wagon at Murphy Dome by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr Wagon at Murphy Dome by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr Wagon at Murphy Dome by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr