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  1. 1991 Loyale FWD. Inner front wheel hub seal needs replacing. With old seals [inner/outer] pulled out, can I push fresh grease through the bearings while they are still in the hub? I can scoop out the old grease as I go. And is it better to see if those seals are available from Subaru? Bearings are still good. I don't do off road driving. Thanks
  2. In California. I fixed my 1991 Loyale EGR code so that no more CEL coming on. Had to do with an IC chip in the ECU module. Piece of cake to finally fix, after weeks of pulling my hair out tracing wires. 

  3. OK. Easy enough to lift off the brake lines. Am also looking at getting a new clutch cable [ before mine breaks- 330k miles] . Will try a local Subaru dealer for any stock still available. And, can a used FWD axle [ off the car- but still in good condition with 8 years / 80k miles on it] simply have NEW BOOTS installed? Thinking preventative for known good c/v axle. Or should I skip that and just look for reliable re-man axles? I have two Cardone axles on there now for several years and boots still look ok. Maybe will investigate some silicone coating to keep them from cracking. Thanks.
  4. 1991 Loyale wagon. Am replacing the front strut shocks. Look like brake lines need to be removed from the caliper in order to remove strut assembly. Just want to check before I make tons more work for myself. Thanks
  5. Yes. It was the rotor set screw. I'll put blue Loctite on it. That one little screw brought the whole car to be dead in the water. Thanks all for your help and interest. Car has 320k miles. Will drive it to 400k and beyond. Have spare salvage yard complete EA82. Piston walls look ok. Will check oil pump wear (and change gaskets) and have valves cleaned. Will check heads with flat edge. Will put Felpro gaskets on that don't need the re-torque routine. Have a reman cv-axle. Will look for another re-man axle to have in stock. Although the Auto Zone axle has worked for 90k miles now. EA82 is . . . yes, under powered a bit. But I love this car. 5 speed FWD.
  6. DaveT - Have heard that Subaru would out source some of the design particulars. So, not always the same as might be expected, and a bit quirky at times. Mine is 1991 SPFI naturally aspirated.
  7. GeneralDisorder- YOU ARE the MAN! Maybe some blue thread lock this time?
  8. When I saw your reply just now- this big grin come over my face and began to chuckle. Because I know that you just might be 98% correct on that!
  9. Two hours ago my1991 Loyale just stopped running. Attempt to restart acted like timing was way off and there was backfire. As timing belts were visible (I've been leaving t.b. covers off) I rotated the crank bolt and checked flywheel marks with cam sprockets. All good there, showing that timing belts did not jump. Car running fine, no warning, then stall. Recent history: I got some gas just 5 minutes before (Was on empty) . Nobody tampered with car. And - I pulled ignition coil wire and car cranked over normally. Check ECM under dash. No codes. Will check distributor cap and rotor in the morning. Thanks
  10. rickyhils

    EA82 rebuild

    Thanks for the tip. Can a knowledgeable mechanic assess condition of salvage yard crank and pistons while still in the block? If good, like you said, will redo valves and check all head surfaces. Have heard that rings can stay good for a long time. Are new valve springs in order, or just check existing ones? I redid both heads on my Loyale 9 years and 80k miles ago. The HLA lifters will . . .always clatter a bit at times. I replaced oil pump at same time (probably only needed to replace that MIckey Mouse ear gasket). Odd how when idling and there is HLA clatter, simply restarting the engine makes it all dead quiet. I did that all by myself. Will toot my own horn now and say that I also took out 5 spd trans because front main shaft oil seal leaking bad. Opened trans case (easy enough to learn) and found a bad main shaft bearing. With help of local Subaru guru I changed out both shaft bearings and oils seal. When you are in that far only way to go is Subaru factory parts all the way! That was 10 years 100k miles ago. It took me 3 weeks to get that done.No help. (pat myself on the back, thank you) Thanks. for the EA82 advice.
  11. rickyhils

    EA82 rebuild

    It look like an EA82 Turbo rebuild is a practical no-go. Does that same advice apply for an EA82 that is NON turbo?
  12. Will consider reversing it as tensioner not the cause.
  13. Yesterday I noticed that the right side tb is riding a little closer back. It's not rubbing against the cover but you can see the shiny wear pattern that is more centered . I just put a new tb kit on yesterday. I have successfully changed my 1991 Loyale EA82 timing belts 3 or 4 times the past 10 years or so and all was good. UPDATE *** I just read previous posts on same subject. Will check belt tensioner. FWIW. Last tb kit was Japan. This time from ITM (gotta be from China)
  14. rickyhils

    1991 Loyale won't crank

    Good that you located it when you did. Spending time to verify all connections to the engine is what is needed. With the vibration and the environmental elements (oil from engine flying all about over time). Thanks And if anyone looking for 1994 Loyale ECU box I just might have one that works. It came from Oregon. And do you know if California purposed ECU boxes have special coding inside them?