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  2. BeardedWrench

    1978 1st Gen Brat Build!

    My first build log i've actually posted somewhere, picked this 1st gen up from texas and had it shipped up to me in ohio, the plan, is to 100% restore back to original, and make it a new brat again
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  5. Well the pressure switch tells the ECU that it's PWM signal to the solenoid was recieved and effected a change in the oil pressure going to the AVLS rocker assembly. So until there is a load on the engine above a certain RPM, the AVLS pressure switch doesn't receive oil pressure. That's also why I think the head got cracked. I don't use any torque wrench on them. I use a short ratchet and choke up on the head.... but years of industrial machinery taught me 1/8" NPT sending unit torque values and the various strengths of soft materials like brass and aluminum. My hands are calibrated instruments of torquing. GD
  6. Subaru. Part number 11044AA642. GD
  7. If by hubs you are referring to the wheels, my guess is everything else will be stock Subaru stuff. Edit: If the curent calipers also contain the E-brake, then everything other than the wheels are stock.
  8. Which gaskets do I use for an 2010 EJ25?
  9. You should thrown the fail-pro's in the fuckit bucket and buy some proper Subaru 642's or 770's GD
  10. 95 Legacy L 2.2l Auto Few things been popping up that I just cant quite get a good bead on. So im throwing code p0440, which initially popped up because i had broken the weld on exhaust near the cat, and ran it for awhile. Eventually got it welded back up and it i regained some lost power, then the code popped up again, then after a thousand or so miles my power loss comes back. Since then ive noticed a slight drop in mpg, as well as what sounds like lifter or valve tick. Also have been having issues with the a popping noise when braking. Its a very feint pop when i initially brake. Ive gotten under there and checked to make sure the caliper isnt loose and that everything is on right. The pads appear to be seated properly... Ive replaced the tie rods recently. Ball joint looks and feels fine as much as i can tell. Axles look fine. Perhaps Control arm bushings? Any help on any of these is super helpful. I got a couple weeks to get this stuff figured out. Maybe less to narrow down the issues. Thanks a ton
  11. I nicked two small scratches while installing Felpro head gaskets on an ej25. Is it still ok to use or should I get a new head gasket?
  12. I have 6 lug hubs on my 87 gl wagon. I’d like to install new calipers, rotors, breaks but I don’t quite know where to begin. How would I find out what kind of hubs I have and the proper parts to buy?
  13. Mitchy

    Legacy sedan off-road build

    Sweet! I know this post is a year old but I’m just getting my teeth into lifting my newly acquired super clean 97 sedan. I’m quickly realizing that there are not too many lifted versions. The Legacy will only go about 1 1/2 inches higher, enough to clear the rocks in our track anyway. Where can I find more posts of your Sedan? Thanks for sharing
  14. I’m looking for a shifter boot for my 87 gl wagon. Currently I can look straight down to the ground. I’ve searched the junk yards near me but the pickings are slim.
  15. Nice! Do you have pics of the car? I had an 87 GL-10 wagon. Loved the car, but we parted ways because I didn't have the time or $$$ to get it into the condition I would have liked. Look up Murphy in the search bar and you'll find a number of my posts.
  16. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    yes we have some mushrooms here and they comes more to autumn time . more like standard mushrooms like we have many lakes here and 1 sea its baltic sea. but many lakes and forests. no stones no hills , more like sand on some places but not much too, more like mud in forests or just dry surfaces. So its hard to find much obstacles if not mud or sand stuff. its like russia areas same here.
  17. Firstsubaru

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    Awesome build! How did you extend your steering rack? I’m doing a 3” lift on my ‘87 GL. Thanks! Clayton
  18. There is some noise. I got the drivers side apart and I think it might be the bearing. With the knuckle out of the car and on the bench I can feel the bearing better and there's a liittle scratchiness to it. Ordered an axle for the left side and both wheel bearings/seals so hopefully that fiixes it.
  19. FerGloyale

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    Scalman, it's awesome to see your travel pictures. Lithuania looks very similar to the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. You ever come across any yummy Mushrooms? Regular edible kinds, like Morel (Morchella) Chanterelles, or Boletes? Looks like a good area for fungi.
  20. any sound at all? I have read that carrier bearings on the DS can really howl - dunno if they can cause vibration with no noise.
  21. I was careful not to since I had seen on a few of these forums that people have done just that.I used thread sealer and a torque wrench with the proper torque specs. Ive also inspected all around it with everything broken down.Wouldnt it leak while idling?
  22. It did seem 4x the speed of the tires, which is why I originally put in a used one, still did it, a new one, still did it, and returned the new one for another new one and it still did it. So that rules out the main propeller shaft Took the tires to a tire shop and had them rebalance them. Still does it. I'm thinking it has to be a cv shaft. Maybe that one that hasnt' been replaced yet, or one of the 3 new ones I put in a little while ago. Wondering if I should put a new cv shaft in the front left (the only one I haven't replaced yet), and do the wheel bearing while I have the front suspension apart.
  23. jf1sf5

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    The humming noise could also come from the rear differential, but if so, it usually makes more noise on acceleration or deceleration but not on both. Nice pics of your travel by the way !
  24. scalman

    '01 outback 2.5AT, VDC offroad/ overlanding build

    ABS light gone fixed whats left its humming sound from rear, changed all 4 wheel bearings , but rear ones to used ones, changed rear both axles and tried drive on changed wheels front to rear still same ... and sounds changes with road type and depends to what side im turning sometimes... not sure all sound like bearing but i cvhanged it to not bad used one ... had about 7 days in all trips with 2 nights staying in one place , was sea then lakes then sea again. cooking was good thing and easy simple and fast , two peace camper stuff with portable mini gas burner or how its called no need fire nothing every morning coffe and then preheating some food or cooking sausages etc
  25. el_freddo

    Brat LHD to RHD conversion?

    Thanks for the update Ritchie! Glad it all went well! My brumby is currently dash-less and is RHD so I could’ve got the required pics for you. But I’m a little late to the party for that! Cheers Bennie
  26. Hello all, just an update on this in case anybody wants to do this in the future. I completed the conversion, pretty straight forward really, the hardest part was cutting a hole on the nearside for the heater blower intake and spot welding on the rain deflection plate under the scuttle panel. Otherwise it was easy enough.
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