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  2. Thanks, that's assuming the correct level was set by the Factory or the Mechanic before you. You know what they say about assuming! Thanks Larry
  3. I lifted my dads 1992 Legacy, this doesn't seem right and is making some noise as I pull out of the drive. I think this is the source
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  5. naru2

    Stub axle part number for Loyale

    Should be easy enough to find used. All ea82s , ea81s and probably even ea71s used the same part.
  6. My girl got a 2019 STI last month to replace her aging 2004 WRX that was developing a number of problems. Car will need snow tires for winter, and 235/35 19 or 245/35 19 ( factory sizes ) pretty much have zero avilable, and going to a 225/40/19 which has a few tires available will run about $300 each installed. Then I got looking, and going to a 225/45/18 is right at the same diamater as the 245/35/19 and good snow tires can be had for $150... cheap 18" wheel choices in 5x114.3 are vast. Is there any reason a basic 18x8.5" with +35 offset won't work on a 2019 STI? I found some nice looking ones for $420/4. I know she should have TPMS sensors, but that's not a problem. I have an ATEQ TPM Quickset that my boss was nice and gave me cause he couldn't figure it out, and 4 sensors are like $50
  7. struts themselves?? you mention every thing else, but not those... worn out struts can cause some weird issues. also that spacer that Texan mentioned.. not uncomon to get them installed wrong.. small end should be this way / \, not this way \ / but then again, if the shop that did the alignment is worth its salt, they would have said something about worn struts.. just trying to cover all the bases here.. it is pretty rare to have steering rack issues.
  8. Is this something I should be worried about? Car fluctuates revs at idle like a high strung diesel would. RPM on gauge doesn’t move, drives normal though
  9. Front lower rear control arm bushings. They are always bad by 75k. Causes wandering and floating. OEM strut mounts. GD
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  11. NoStyle

    Stub axle part number for Loyale

    I was about to ask this same question haha, except I'm looking for a GL stub axle. cant seem to find them as well.
  12. Sounds great. We actually need to replace the one already there since it no longer works. It looks like is is near the water pump. Is that correct? What tools do we need?
  13. Other than removing the big block plug that's been in there for over 20 years, it's very simple. GD
  14. We need to put in an engine block heater in a 2.2 liter in a 96 Legacy. Is that an easy job?
  15. there might also be spline count differences. That might be easier to check in the yard. If you can't find the data online, wonder if a parts store (NAPA, Advanded Auto, etc.) would let you check some axles?
  16. who replaced the strut mounts? There is a spacer than sometimes gets flipped and causes dragging. u-joint on the steering column could be seizing I guess.
  17. For your message. Thanks for posting then asking. It’s a beast of a job. A JDM engine makes a lot of sense on these. It was sold because of bad headgaskets, happens all the time, due to the intermittent way that engine fails they’re prone to get sold to an unsuspecting buyer. Those heater cores do clog but they don’t cause overheating, they just cause cold heat. So yeah just clean them out to get your heat back. So you had two issues - headgaskets and clogged heater core. They’re unrelated in this case The timing chains last the life of the vehicle, if there’s no noise and you plan on reasonable oil quality and changes there’s nothing to replace. I’d replace the water pump because they’re only $100 but they really never fail either so take your pick. Use OEM. theres a tub of orings you’ll need for the timing covers. resurface the heads and use Subaru OEM gaskets. I don’t even think about checking for flatness any more, maybe I should but every Subaru head I’ve ever done has high and low spots but the H6s I’ve done are worse on average than the H4s. other than Tribeca engine removal being a little harder and the dual H6 timing covers 100 annoying hex bolts and 3 miles of sealant it’s a standard Subaru headgaskets job. on tribecas I’ve had to remove part of the upper radiator support (it’s bolted unlike every other Subaru that was welded), no big deal just a Tribeca thing to be mindful of.
  18. el_freddo

    New member, old subi

    Thanks Gouda, I’ve got a 3 inch lift. Square tubing with crush tubing that the bolts pass through. Other than ripping a captive nut after an unintended jump at speed, I’ve not had any issues with the lift The snorkel is from a Mitsubishi Pajero NG NH NK model. It was filled with sand and the two elbows heated gently to allow it to be pushed into to position to match the angle of the A pillar. The top elbow was given the same treatment to make the snorkel head sit on a more natural angle. Then all the plumbing into the mpfi airbox was sorted. The roof rack is ancient. I’m looking at upgrading to a newer unit and selling the old one to a rat rod enthusiast. Loads of things you can do with these vehicles! You just have to use your imagination Cheers Bennie
  19. We just drain it, measure what comes out, and put that much back in. Much easier than all that messing around. GD
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  21. Alignment will impact a bit but different size tires are very bad! Hopefully they check all of the tires and they match and the pressure is correct.
  22. The gen 2 (79-83) was around in other variants all the way into the early 90s (though not in the US after about 87 I think ?), so parts are actually pretty easy to find. It has passed from cheap runaround into the first stages of collectible (especially in turbo BRAT form, and to a lesser degree any BRAT or hardtop), while the gen 3 hasn't really reached that point (though the early RX's *will* get there soon). Gen 3 is superior in terms of interior space (especially if you're 6 ft or over), as well as the comments earlier by alexbuoy (excluding the EA82, which is irrelevant for your plans). You also can fit an EJ25 DOHC (I think your 2002 will have the later SOHC though) in a gen 3 much easier than a gen 2 (gen 2 requires cutting rails, and is terrible for serviceability). Power to weight ratio should make it very lively, and I'd recommend taking the gearbox across to get AWD (doubly so if you went gen 2, as the gen 2 4 speed won't handle an EJ25 for long). You'd really want to take across your brake setup also, which will mean finding XT6 hubs for the rear but otherwise you shouldn't need much.
  23. I did the oil Change today and was going to do the CVT, but then I found this: https://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f89/problems-after-changing-cvt-fluid-782507/index2.html#post7444251 GD what's your shop doing for the CVT? It sounded like drain and fill but it looks like there is quite a bit to the fluid fill to ensure the level is correct. Thanks, Larry
  24. So I ordered the accelerator and clutch cable from 1stsubaruparts.com. even though the order stated a 1994 loyale the parts are direct fit for my 1987 GL 4X4 EA82.
  25. Good afternoon USMB friends: Purchased a new Subaru to add to the fleet. Picked up a 2005 Subaru Outback with 115k. Is the LLBean Edition with 3.0 H6 with Automatic Transmission. A needs some odds and ends. The major reason the guy parted with it was the Sport light is flashing causing the transmission to shift at odd points. Only code is C0108. I swapped out the left ABS Wheel Sensor. My questions: 1) How do you reset the TCM codes? Any recommendations on a scanner if I need to purchase a cheap one to do it? 2) Issue seemed to be resolved. Got on it hard to see if problem would occur and hit rev limiter. (Was in auto.) Sport light began to flash. Is this a related issue? (Did not know why I hit rev limiter.) Would having exhaust off cause the issue? Video here: Any help would be appreciated. Tom
  26. Sometimes dealers and private sellers keep key fobs to sell, It's possible the seller didn't realize that the key didn't work the doors because they always used the key fob. I bought a used car at a dealership once (not Subaru - as if it makes a difference) and got 1 fob. When I balked at purchasing a 2nd one for $60 from them I argued they should supply 2 since the car originally came with 2. The used car salesman took a few minutes and mysteriously "found" the other one that had been "misplaced". I think he got nervous when I started to complain a bit and got spooked that the manager would get involved only to find out he pocketed the other one.
  27. KEY from the VIN. I bet you are correct and the IGN was changed at some point.
  28. how should I search? What key words? Been trying. Thanks for the reply. I talked to my friend who has it now and I think he may have misunderstood what I was trying to do. so: ea71 engine -> fat case bellhousing t -> ea82 5sp trany dual range
  29. el_freddo

    My lifted Impreza puts all yours to shame

    What lift and how do you go off-road without low range - or are you running an auto? Looks mean mate! Cheers Bennie
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