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  2. Thanks for the name and photo of your front end The RX!! you have may have a different rubber spoiler and panels than my 85 GLTAs I had and any other EA82 I have had
  3. Oh that sort of double size hose in Oz will be handy You pics will be appreciated, meanwhile I had better cruise Mackay's hose catalogue I like two electric fans on all my Subies. My current daily is Brumby with a fan mounted front side, RHS of car. Took a lot of work to make it fit in. Just an old freebie from an Astra . German made Bosch from memory. The idea of fans in front frees up radiator space and removal with, well only one fan between engine and radiator
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  5. dfoyl

    Brat Mk 2

    Here's the thread :
  6. dfoyl

    Brat Mk 2

    There was a gentleman from Scotland on this forum who did the same in reverse, suggest you contact him as he may well have the parts you need... I can't believe you are importing a Brumby from Queensland, to convert to LHD...surely the cost out of the US would have been far cheaper.
  7. el_freddo

    Brat Mk 2

    Hello Mark. I visited google translate and dropped this in the quote above for others to read in English. What you want to do is very achieveable. And it seems you have all the parts listed except maybe for pedal box and cables (if infact different to the RHD units). All the best in finding someone to help you out. Cheers Bennie
  8. As an alternative, if OEM are not available, you might want to see if Altrom seals are available from NAPA . They are OEM quality .
  9. Chers fans de Subaru, Je veux convertir une RHD Subaru Brat en LHD. Savez-vous qui peut m'aider à trouver les pièces aux États-Unis pour moi? Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre aide ! Marc Tableau de bord (avec jauge Rev + fils) Membre LHD Crémaillère de direction Colonne de direction Steering support de colonne Moteur d'essuie-glace (mécanisme compris) Bras d'essuie-glace Panneau de navette sous le pare-brise.
  10. ferp420

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    your rig will settle alot but still the springs should add 1.5-2"of lift so depending on your lift you might need to do some more work from the looks of it it would be easy enuff to modify your struts just by looking at the pics you posted but i dont realy know dosent matter the big lifts look great on these cars there is alway cutting a coil or 2 but only do that if a your lazy or broken
  11. There is no point in replacing the seals if you aren't replacing the bearings.
  12. Hey Fellas, Gotta admit its been something like 12 months since I have been online here and my Brumby conversion hasn't moved much further along then it was last time... Lack of progress aside I can give some advice, for mine I used the standard Brass/Copper radiator bolted up as normal. I am not running power steering or air conditioning at this time so my cooling fan is on the engine side of the radiator, towards the drivers side. There's not much clearance between it and the crank pulley but I think it will be ok. It has been a hell of a long time since I bought my hoses so I don't know what the part numbers were now however they were made by Mackay and they were a heavy canvas lined hose that was bendable and with different sized ends, 32mm and 38mm if I remember right. Here's a link to a PDF from the Mackay website that has the hoses I am talking about. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/17eaaa_6a4ab92c8a7847c6905c997db207e796.pdf If I get a chance this weekend I might actually do the 80km trek to the shed where its pulled apart and grab some photos for you.
  13. So.. im sure this has been discussed and debated a couple times over now. I have recently-ish acquired a beautiful 1997 Legacy GT automatic. Its clean inside and out unlike anything iv seen in the state (subaru wise). 202xxx on the clock and iv owned it for almost a year now. I couldnt tell you when/if at all the previous owner has had the diff/trans fluid changed. The trans fluid still looks clean and red-ish? I have yet to check the diff fluid. So.. main question. If i were to just assume the trans fluid hasnt been changed is it safe to change? I get wide arrays of answers mostly from my old relatives sportin old dodge and chevys and they swear by not changing it. It will cause trans issues/failure. But then i hear oh its "dead fluid" in there get it out asap. Should i change the gear oil or is the murky metallic oil just filling in the gaps between the teeth that have been created by decades of use. I wanna keep this beauty around forever and prevent any major seaps any time soon. i appreciate you reading my lengthy question<3
  14. you are working blind get a cheap code scanner you can get a scanner like this on ebay LINK for about $10 this should tell you enough to help you decide you'd kick yourself if it was something simple and you junked the car
  15. And the verdict appears to be... KILL IT. I was able to replace the radiator, but all those other changes didn't solve the starting problem. I can only get it started with a lot of effort (and starting fluid) and it only keeps running if I'm giving it gas. It dies if it gets below 2,000 RPM. I did replace the fuel filter and that seemed to help, but it wasn't enough. And I don't have any way to scan for pending codes. But thanks for all the suggestions! I'll check tomorrow morning in case anyone has any new ideas overnight, but otherwise the Subaru goes to a junkyard tomorrow.
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  17. Sorry Sorry NVM! just asked this question before research. RockAuto has them.
  18. Where to find new boots for OEM axles
  19. jdmleggy97

    91 Loyale RS LED Upgrades

    Signals came out great! Once I setup image hosting I’ll post up better pictures
  20. armedequation

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    It kinda wierd how dramatic that last pic makes it look. It definitely an increase but not as much as the pic makes it out to be. Wont know until i get the front done and on and some real driving done I also carry 2 spare axles eith at all times
  21. armedequation

    Loyale repack front wheel bearings

    I just replace my bearings and they arent terribly hard to remove and replace. You could pack them when they are in the hub buti dont think you could do it as thoroughly as you can with them out
  22. General dissorder First, for any make and model car what are good scan tools. What do Home mechanics use Second. For problems with the tire pressure monitoring system on cars do you need a special tool or a scan tool can read the code. Lastly, the subscription services that you were referring to like all data and shop key. Are they for home mechanics or they are something only a shop would get. What do they cost. Thanks.
  23. possible clock spring/roll connector problem? try holding the horn down and turning the steering wheel - maybe it's intermittent and you'll hear a chirp - that would cinch it.
  24. 1991 Loyale FWD. Inner front wheel hub seal needs replacing. With old seals [inner/outer] pulled out, can I push fresh grease through the bearings while they are still in the hub? I can scoop out the old grease as I go. And is it better to see if those seals are available from Subaru? Bearings are still good. I don't do off road driving. Thanks
  25. Im in colorado so its not terribly far but taking a 3 and 5 year old that far in a car would strain what little sanity i have left
  26. I got it reonnected so that the horn chimes when I lock the door yet the horn itself doesn't sound when I press the steering wheel. Any suggestions on that? Thank you, Craig
  27. Ofcourse! May not have the chance again.
  28. It depends on how you look at it. If you can "import" a rust free car from out west here for $1500.... think about how little that is compared to rust related repairs over the next few years that you would likely encounter on a 12 year old east coast car..... and when you are talking about a built car worth ~$15k, a little shipping to get a nice one that's got no rust may be of little consequence in the grand scheme. GD
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