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  2. Do you have a link for someone that will cut a wiring harness? I plan to do it myself but it’s always good to have a backup plan.
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  4. I haven't heard of anyone using these adapters, would they be safe to use on a 1992 Loyale with a 2' lift? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-USA-4x140-To-4x100-Wheel-Adapters-1-25mm-Thick-12x1-25-Fits-Subaru-Suzuki-/253945420065
  5. Thanks, Heartless, that's good info to have whether it's perfect or not. I also ordered a Haynes manual to not fly blind so much... UPDATE: Have sorted the wiring and now have CEL lamp wired into dash, and have read codes (throwing 24 & 42) The Air Control Valve and TPS are the culprits. Will remove and clean the almost new ACV in hope that that clears things up. Also noticed that the little hose that connects the ACU to the Throttle body is kinked. It's like 2" of hose between hard fittings that force it into an "L" shape. Will use a longer hose and put a loop into it to prevent kinking on re-install. Suspect that swapping the idle switch has its adjustment goofed up now. Will attempt to properly adjust with feeler gauge before buying a new one : Spec I found here: 1&2 terminals- continuity at fully closed throttle, continuity at 0.7mm open throttle, and open circuit at 0.9mm open throttle as measured at throttle stop. For FergLoyal: the Neutral & inhibitor switches (code 51), parking switch (code 52), and VSS (code 33) are all waived codes under this install per CA. law I'm going to hook up VSS with aftermarket kit and see if it helps operation at all. It should, otherwise why would Subaru have used it? (Vanagons don't have a VSS input source as-built).
  6. stronger out the tailpipe, underhood, in the cabin? - after fueling or ???? sometimes filler tubes can have holes in them under the plastic cover.
  7. 2003 Forester smells strongly of fuel at times; I have checked for leaks and tightened all clamps, to no avail. I also changed front O2 sensor to try and improve mileage (18 mpg), but I still get an occasional P0420. Could this be an injector leaking internally causing rich running, or would a rear O2 help? Thanks.
  8. Yes but I still need the lights and the right bezels, can you help? The curved edges of the cyclops grille I have need to match up with shape of the headlight bezels. Thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks for getting back to us with the fix, may help someone else down the line
  10. www.car-part.com found me a driver side rear door for my 03 Forester, same color, $150 within a half hours drive.
  11. This is also a matter of opinion, the spfi ea82 is kinda fun to drive if you mat it all the time, they are light enough to really whip around and respond well to the Scandinavian flick. For me, the ej22 swap makes the gl an absolute pleasure to drive. All the little things add up, bashing off in 4hi in the rain. The perfect placement of the pedals for heel and toe, (better than e30 bmw, cause you can adjust the cable clutch. I like very little freeplay), the little always fresh vent, crank windows, creeping in 4lo to pull a ford f350 diesel out of snow...haha! I love my GL! I know the unique fun an even mildly upgraded car provides, and no two are the same...my camaro is a piece of perfect engineering (hear me out, lol) on smooth gravel roads. Absolute perfection to slide in just a hint, and a tap on the gas if things get hairy. Manual steering, like a dream. 53/47 weight balance is slide, NO fishtailing. Bmws best awd has not come close to that experience, much less a Subaru or ford. She's slammed so all the drawbacks with that! @MeatboiI guess my point is listen to, and understand as best you can the drawbacks. A pile of wires, parts etc..and build her the way you want. Buy a cheap daily or a scooter or something if you need. It's worth it in the end. First gen leggo? That's what I got while swapping my GL, those cars DON'T flick ha I showed my family this swap in a picture and i got the third degree for sure, they don't know subes and how much ea82 sucks. But i never retrofitted, so i can see the skepticism. I showed them though, my GLs engine made 135 go at one point in her life, haha! Prolly 115 now. Don't let anyone discourage you or tell you that your car is not worth building. I heard that same nonsense. Subaru is the current budget build here, my $450 gl is worth every penny of $1800 now, no joke. (Or joke to some) But that's not the sube love price, she'll go for a thouski once I swap my other pieces of rusty garbage. The old American and German crap are still out there, but not much for less than a thousand. Japanese was best in the 80s imho
  12. Hmm that’s weird it looked like i’d have to do a crazy 180 degree bend just to tuck up the exhaust. Are you running any catalytic converters? Ill add more pictures tonight it’s a little tricky to explain the exhaust
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  14. Swapping from quads to duals is not a bolt in swap. You need to either swap front clips or figure a way to relocate the headlight brackets. I tried to swap from duals to quads in my brat by relocating the headlight bracket. I could not make it work since the bracket was moved too far inward and there was no sheet metal to weld to. if that makes sense. But since you’re doing the opposite of what I was trying you might be able to get away with the bracket relocation. Drill out the spot welds on both brackets, move them further outwards and weld them back.
  15. divinicus

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    I can afford to put $400 into a suitable cyclops grille, light bezels and the lights including wiring. But the whole setup needs to be ready to bolt on. Thanks a lot!
  16. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that.
  17. silverhelme

    EA81 to EJ swap exhaust options

    I don't know who did your exhaust but mine is tucked up just like the original. I didn't lose any ground clearance at all. Sorry I can't get pictures but I only had to make three cuts and welds to make it fit. I was even able to hammer and reinstall the shields.
  18. tedbull

    Walker Valley Run

    We are way over due for a Walker valley run. Let's get something planned. How about a Saturday in March?
  19. I need help. Got a perfect Cyclops third eye working and the original grille is designed for a two-headlight setup on Subaru Brat. I need to change out four headlights on my 1983 Brat GL for two, see attached photo. I am looking to purchase two front headlight bezels and the lights, thanks!
  20. franbev

    84 brat EA81 valve tapping

    I always add a zinc additive with my fresh oil in my '85 Brat. I believe the EA-81 engine needs that. Todays oil doesn't have a zinc component like oil sold in the 80's
  21. The 99 block will say EJ25 on it, it will have a square shaped dish in the piston, and it will have an 8 bolt bell-housing. A 98 will have a 4 bolt bell-housing, and a 2000 will have flat top pistons. 99 is unique having D pistons and an 8 bolt. GD
  22. Easily tuned out with a Tactrix cable. But illegal. GD
  23. you can get 'spark plug spacers' still. at nasioc.com , you might find the resistor values needed to make your own 'bypass' device.
  24. you can find wiring schematics here: http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ Sadly, 1990-1994 are all lumped together in one folder under the Legacy/Outback section, but it is better than nothing at all, and since very little changed during those years it should help.
  25. use a tactrix cable and romraider to tune out the rear O2 sensor. O2 sensor eliminators are early 2000's band aids. Tuning is the better option. 2002 WRX needs tuning anyway
  26. Ok engine guy re measured and realised he had made a mistake. compression ratio has been recalculated at 10.2 using the components above. all back on track and happy again. one final question is...- how can I tell if an engine block that was in the 99 outback hybrid model which has the new block old pistons. is such an engine??? if it has been removed. for example I have the chance to look through 26 short blocks. Is there a way I can tell which is the hybrid one. Piston makings?? block markings?? etc etc cheers ant
  27. Does anyone know of any company that is still in business that supplies them? Or have a diagram to wire one up? Ive been endlessly searching google and keep coming up to dead links trying to find either.
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