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  1. el_freddo

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    Said no one ever! Looks good mate! *almost* makes me want to do a lifted sedan. But I’m a wagon boy at heart (or ute, either way!). Cheers Bennie
  2. I’d be using new gaskets an sealing washers. 5ftlb is just keep the bolt in, on the EJs, it seems the thread is all taken up and the bolt bottoms out on the cam retainer plate. Any tighter and you risk stripping the bolt or the thread the bolt fits in to. Cheers Bennie
  3. el_freddo

    83 Brat GL Overheating

    I didn’t realise how badly I typed that post! Apologies! Cheers Bennie
  4. @Steptoe Wiring loom and processes would be similar if not the same. Tried a forester workshop manual? Have you done a JDM workshop manual search? Cheers Bennie
  5. Brake lines aren’t ballooning when applying pedal pressure are they? Cheers Bennie
  6. Why did you weld instead of bolting the centre piece in? Cheers Bennie
  7. el_freddo

    Redback Brumby (aka BRAT)

    And Redback is back in action as of yesterday (second time since last post!)! And in good time too, it was raining this morning and that’s never fun on a bike! New front drive shafts and bearings this time around, plus painted hubs (knuckle). If you ever pain hubs just make sure the paint doesn’t build up where bolts etc go. Not fun sorting that out, especially in threaded sections. So I’ve finally lost my steering wheel wobble under all conditions, plus the clacking noises from the front left and the steering wheel shudder under brakes that was the initial issue ages ago. It’s bliss! And I forgot how much I enjoy driving this little beast! Now that everything is smooth up front, I reckon I’ve got a niggle up the back now. I’ll look into that in time as I’ve got a few other things to do first. Cheers Bennie
  8. el_freddo

    EJ swap harness follow up

    You’re adding the engine loom to run the engine. There’s no need for the brake res wiring unless the ECU references it. Otherwise just stick with the EA brake reservoir level setup. Thermo fans: the ECU has one wire that is earth switched that triggers the thermo fans. Hook this to the radiator switch wire (MY) or the trigger wire (L series - have to work out which one triggers the relays) to make the fans come on. If you don’t want the EA thermo fan loom doing its thing you could use the EJ gear or make your own setup with some wiring and a couple of relays. I hope this helps. Cheers Bennie
  9. el_freddo

    EJ swap harness follow up

    1 - don’t need 2 - correct. Cam, crank and O2 sensor 3 - correct 4 - never seen a double diode but you definitely need them so leave them be 5 - don’t need. Just use the wire from the ECU to trigger the fans. Run your own wiring or wire into the trigger for the factory EA wiring. 6 - correct. Igniter and corresponding plug 7 - correct (AFM) 8 - looks about right. 9 - relay block. Don’t need for the engine loom cut down, but could be reused for other purposes 10 - something like that. Keep it 11 - definitely need them! 12 - dunno what that plug is, it doesn’t look like the third plug in the three plug wiring loom Looks like you’re making some good progress! Getting your head around the wiring really is a journey - kind of like being enlightened. Once you’ve done one it’s much easier! Cheers Bennie
  10. Sounds good mate! Yeah @STi 22B - join in!! Cheers Bennie
  11. No harm at all Jono! Lokks good. What are you using for the centre piece between the rear and front gearbox crossmembers? Cheers Bennie
  12. @Steptoe - tried these sites? https://www.allcarmanuals.com/factory-service-manual-48-Subaru-Impreza-WRX-GC.html This is another good one from memory: https://workshop-manuals.com/subaru/ Or find an old Haynes manual, they actually have a good pinout for the ECU - at least the one in the liberty manual is good, if that’s anything to go by it’ll be the same for the impreza one. Cheers Bennie
  13. You need to look for the FSM. They won’t show you these at the dealership. Cheers Bennie
  14. Paul, I’ll call you this weekend. Either tomorrow night (yay for daylight savings!), or Sunday. Jonno, I use an 8 or a 10mm hex deep socket to get these retainer bolts out. It’s worked for me every time (twice so far). Cheers Bennie
  15. Ah, by shielding you mean the plastic conduit stuff. I am talking about the metal shielding on the sensor wiring - it’s under a grey wrap/tube. Keep that stuff there, do not remove! No worries about messaging Cheers Bennie